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SharePoint Premium - What You Need To Know About
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Nov 17, 2023 1:30 AM

SharePoint Premium - What You Need To Know About

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Unlock the future of AI-powered content management with SharePoint Premium - equipped with advanced automation and added security just announced Ignite

What You Need To Know About SharePoint Premium - Microsoft 365 has just unveiled SharePoint Premium. This notable reveal includes the specifics of the announcement and its implications for your organization. Microsoft's content services platform has been improved with the conversion of Microsoft Syntex into SharePoint Premium. Positioned as an AI-powered platform for content management and experiences, SharePoint Premium is meant to increase efficiency and maximize the value of content.

According to the company, SharePoint Premium will make use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve user experiences with content, streamline business procedures, and get content ready for Microsoft Copilot, a suite of tools that let users get more out of AI

Microsoft stated as its premier Ignite event got underway, "SharePoint Premium will build structure, security, and governance to ground an organization's content, so Copilot has better information to leverage."
Microsoft claims that SharePoint Premium will provide the organization's content with structure, security, and governance, enabling Copilot to use it more efficiently. Copilot is a collection of AI-powered tools designed to help users with learning, writing, coding, and design tasks.

Microsoft Announces SharePoint Premium

Microsoft has introduced SharePoint Premium, a new AI-enhanced solution for content management in Microsoft 365, currently in preview and set for general availability early next year.

Key Features of SharePoint Premium

  • Enhanced Capabilities: Building on SharePoint's success, enhancing the value from content throughout its lifecycle.
  • Boost Productivity: Improves productivity, streamlines business processes, and supports collaboration on various content types.
  • AI and Security Integration: Utilizes AI and security for managing critical documents like contracts, invoices, and SOWs.
  • Content Organization: AI-driven automation for content creation, classification, and tagging, preparing for Copilot.
  • Content Lifecycle Management: Includes content governance service to manage lifecycle, prevent oversharing, and reduce clutter.

Key features of SharePoint Premium are:

  • Premium content center
    The first step in activating and configuring Premium is to establish a content center. A content center is a unique kind of website where you can manage the Premium models (formerly called the Syntex Document Understanding Models), integrate workflows and metadata, and set up automation that complies with regulations.Premium can be taught to read and process documents in the content center using a model creation tool that works much like a manual method.The models are used by SharePoint Premium to automatically identify content, pull out pertinent data, and add metadata tags. Integrated visual analytics facilitates monitoring the models' efficacy.
  • Object recognition
    With SharePoint Premium, images can be automatically tagged with thousands of widely recognized objects using a visual dictionary. Furthermore, handwritten text can be recognized by SharePoint Premium and transformed into tags for use in searches and additional processing
  • Document understanding
    You can use SharePoint Premium to create AI models without writing any code and to read your content the way you do. In order to enforce retention or record management policies, SharePoint Premium can attach compliance labels, initiate custom Power Automate workflows, and automatically suggest or create metadata.Language Understanding models in Azure Cognitive Services serve as the foundation for document understanding models. You can publish and update your models to any library in any content center across all of SharePoint Premium. These models are created and managed in a SharePoint Premium content center.
  • Form processing
    In addition to the Machine Learning models, SharePoint Premium comes with a strong form processing engine based on AI Builder that recognizes and extracts common values from semi-structured or structured documents automatically, including dates, numbers, names, and addresses. In addition to being code-free, these models only need a small number of documents to produce accurate results.
  • Advanced taxonomy services
    Through SharePoint hub sites, shared content types can be published to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. A flexible approach to guarantee that frequently used content types—enhanced with content understanding—can be quickly deployed and upgraded across large portions of your architecture as needed is to publish content types from the central gallery to hub sites. Content types that have been published and updated will be automatically distributed to hub-connected sites.

SharePoint Premium: What is it?

AI and machine learning are used by SharePoint Premium, formerly known as Microsoft Syntex, to automatically organize and classify documents in your SharePoint library. SharePoint Premium is a content understanding, processing, and compliance service. This also goes by the name Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) or content intelligence service, and its goal is to turn your data into knowledge.In a nutshell, SharePoint Premium is a Microsoft 365 content service that benefits businesses in the following ways:"Amplifying human experiences" through sophisticated AI and machine learningProcessing content automaticallyconverting data into understanding

How has Microsoft Syntex changed into SharePoint Premium?

The initial product was the result of Microsoft's Project Cortex, which gave us Topics (launched in 2021 along with Viva) and SharePoint Syntex (released on October 1, 2020). SharePoint Syntex's Intelligent Document Processing (or Document Understanding) capability was its only focus at the time. Since then, SharePoint Syntex has been relaunched as Microsoft Syntex, and its feature set has grown to include much more.The following are the main components of SharePoint Premium, which developed from Microsoft Syntex and are centered on content services and intelligence:
  • Content Experiences: By encouraging file collaboration and maintaining current, discoverable content, SharePoint Premium seeks to increase productivity. It is anticipated that the addition of Microsoft Copilot will improve these experiences even more.
  • Content Processing: By utilizing AI, SharePoint Premium is prepared to introduce new AI experiences, simplify workflows, and categorize, tag, and secure documents. Along with eSignature functionality, it offers document processing and content assembly services. It also provides pay-as-you-go services for handling sensitive information and translating.
  • Content Governance: With features that limit oversharing and control access, the platform provides tools for content creators and owners to manage content at scale. To improve security and compliance, site access reviews, sensitivity labeling, and Data Access Governance (DAG) insights are integrated.
  • Advanced taxonomy services
    Through SharePoint hub sites, shared content types can be published to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. A flexible approach to guarantee that frequently used content types—enhanced with content understanding—can be quickly deployed and upgraded across large portions of your architecture as needed is to publish content types from the central gallery to hub sites. Content types that have been published and updated will be automatically distributed to hub-connected sites.

Use of SharePoint Premium: Why?

High volumes of papers and forms, ranging from contracts and billing statements to inquiries, applications, and more, are stored and managed by organizations.Most businesses find it difficult to make sense of these enormous informational treasure troves; it is extremely difficult to effectively extract important knowledge and apply that knowledge. Thousands of new documents are being added to the stack as they try to figure that out.Large document collections are already stored by many organizations using SharePoint, which houses them in hundreds or even thousands of document libraries on SharePoint sites and Microsoft Teams. These documents all contain potentially important information that is waiting to be discovered, and SharePoint Premium is the tool that enables users to uncover this gold.

How is SharePoint improved by SharePoint Premium?

SharePoint Premium enhances SharePoint’s capabilities by automating the process of extracting key information from documents. This is done by using pre-defined SharePoint Premium models which are effectively AI Machine Teaching models. Once a model is created, it can be published to one or more document libraries, automating the process of extracting document metadata. This not only saves time and money, but also increases the findability of each document, which is how SharePoint Premium enhances corporate memory (the available knowledge) and turns an otherwise hidden document into a valuable corporate asset.

Rollout and Availability - SharePoint Premium Roadmap

Available, Nov 2023
SharePoint Premium metered services
SharePoint Advanced (SAM) add-on
SharePoint eSignature V1 (US Geo)
Available in public preview, Nov 2023
Microsoft 365 Archive
Microsoft 365 Backup
Available during 2024
SharePoint Premium seat value
SharePoint eSignature 3P integration
Repository services

Microsoft SharePoint Premium pricing

There are various subscription plans available for Microsoft SharePoint Premium. To use Premium, users need to have a current Office 365, Microsoft 365, or SharePoint Online license. For detailed information on SharePoint Premium, refer to the provided resources or links in the announcement.


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