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Explore the Latest Microsoft Purview Portal Updates - 2024
Microsoft Purview
May 1, 2024 8:28 AM

Explore the Latest Microsoft Purview Portal Updates - 2024

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Explore the Enhanced Microsoft Purview Portal: A Unified Data Management Experience!

Key insights


  • The new Microsoft Purview portal offers a streamlined design and a unified experience to easily access data security, governance, and risk compliance solutions.
  • eDiscovery solutions are not yet available in the new Microsoft Purview portal, with future updates to provide their inclusion.
  • Gateway to a wide range of data governance and compliance solutions, available based on the user's permission and subscription level.
  • Features a global search function across all solutions and data, alongside solution cards on the home page for quick access to Microsoft Purview solutions.
  • Introduces a new navigation experience for accessing features and settings, centralizes portal settings, and provides a way to submit feedback directly to Microsoft.

Microsoft Purview Portal's Revamped Data Governance Features

The recently updated Microsoft Purview portal represents a significant step forward in simplifying the data governance landscape for organizations. With its unified experience, users can now more effortlessly navigate through the various aspects of data security, governance, and compliance. The portal's streamlined design facilitates quick access to crucial data management tools, embodying Microsoft's commitment to enhancing user experience.


The absence of eDiscovery solutions in the current iteration of the portal hints at further enhancements and capabilities to be integrated in the future, demonstrating Microsoft's ongoing development efforts. Meanwhile, the provision of a global search feature, along with predefined and customizable solution cards, empowers users to efficiently manage their data across different solutions and platforms.

The New Microsoft Purview Portal: An in-depth look | Peter Rising MVP recently revisited the updated Microsoft Purview portal, initially reviewed during its preview phase. After some months, improvements and expansions in its functionalities have become more pronounced, compelling a second look. Transitioning from an early-stage preview to a more developed state, the portal now offers a more comprehensive solution for data management.

Introduction to the New Portal
Microsoft's comprehensive suite, Microsoft Purview, caters to an organization's data governance, protection, and management needs. The revamped portal introduces a unified and streamlined design that simplifies discovery and access to diverse solutions related to data security, governance, and compliance. Although eDiscovery solutions are not currently available, updates are anticipated soon.

Getting Started and Navigating Permissions
Upon stepping into the portal, users encounter a welcoming overview and the option to engage with a tutorial highlighting the portal’s key areas. Depending on permissions and subscription plans, the visibility of specific solutions and features such as Data Loss Prevention and Insider Risk Management varies, ensuring tailored access based on organizational roles and requirements.

Finding and Managing Data Efficiently
The global search functionality, alongside solution cards, enables swift navigation and management of solutions, encouraging efficient data oversight. The Knowledge Center further supports users with an array of learning materials. Noteworthy is the seamless transition to a new left-navigation design that standardizes the user experience across different solutions within the portal.

Comprehensive Settings and Support
Centralized settings allow for easy management of solution-specific and global portal-wide settings, contributing to a consistent user experience. The portal also integrates help and support options, offering guided tours, access to the Knowledge Center, and direct contact support, with AI-generated guidance and resource links available for instant assistance.

Beginning Data Governance Journey
Organizations new to Microsoft Purview's governance solutions can initiate their journey through the portal, starting with a free version that includes essential governance tools with limited capabilities. Upgrading to the enterprise version unlocks comprehensive governance features like automatic classification, fine-grained access control, and extensive data source management capabilities. Existing governance customers can seamlessly transition to this new experience without affecting stored data or API usability.

Continuous Improvement and Feedback
Microsoft ensures the evolution of the Microsoft Purview portal by incorporating user feedback into future updates. Users are encouraged to submit their insights to refine and enhance the portal's functionalities, contributing to a more effective data governance and management ecosystem.

Overall, the revamped Microsoft Purview portal signifies a leap forward in providing streamlined access to a suite of solutions aimed at improving data governance, protection, and compliance within organizations. As the platform continues to evolve, it promises to be an indispensable tool for managing data across the entirety of an organization's data estate.



Microsoft Purview - Explore the Latest Microsoft Purview Portal Updates - 2024


People also ask

What is the Microsoft Purview portal?

The Microsoft Purview portal, which is currently in preview, serves as an access point for data governance, security, and risk management and compliance solutions. When opting for risk and compliance solutions within the portal, users are directed to these solutions in the classic Microsoft Purview compliance portal.

What is the old name for Microsoft Purview compliance portal?

Previously known as the Compliance Center, the Microsoft Purview compliance portal has undergone several name changes, notably: Information Governance, now called Data Lifecycle Management—remaining the hub for retention labels and policies—and Core eDiscovery, which has been updated to eDiscovery (Standard).

What did Microsoft Purview replace?

As of April 19, 2022, Microsoft Purview has replaced what was formerly known as Microsoft 365 Compliance and Azure Purview. This strategic renaming was executed to unify the offerings under Microsoft Purview, amalgamating data governance, compliance, and risk management solutions into a single overarching product name.

How do I access Microsoft Purview?

To activate your Microsoft Purview account, navigate through the Azure portal to the Microsoft Purview accounts section. Here, you can select and launch the account you wish to access.



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