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Free Microsoft Applied Skills Credentials: Brand New
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Nov 9, 2023 8:00 AM

Free Microsoft Applied Skills Credentials: Brand New

by HubSite 365 about John Savill's [MVP]

Principal Cloud Solutions Architect

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Boost Your Technical Proficiency with Microsofts Newly Launched FREE Applied Skills Credentials!

A Review of the Microsoft's New Applied Skills Initiative

Introducing the new initiative from Microsoft, a video by John Savill's [MVP] [reveals]the newly launched Applied Skills program. This training program is designed to help individuals gain the highly sought-after technical skills in fast-evolving technological fields such as AI, cloud computing, and emerging technologies.


A look at the brand new (and awesome) Applied Skills.
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  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:12 - Microsoft Credentials
  • 01:06 - New Applied Skills
  • 06:35 - Retake policy
  • 07:04 - How to use these
  • 08:02 - Close
At Microsoft Learn, our goal is to help you acquire the technical skills you need to reach your full potential and succeed in a rapidly changing technological landscape. Each year, we help millions of learners gain expertise by developing and validating skills. Advances in AI, cloud computing, and emerging technologies have made it more important than ever to demonstrate your proficiency in the most sought-after technical skills. As a result, 


Microsoft is recognizing the growing need for skills-based approaches in tech organizations, hence the introduction of the Applied Skills credential. This invaluable recognition verifies the technology skills of individuals for real-world scenarios.

The program presents a streamlined path to validate a person's skills, beneficial to both recruiters looking for the right people with the right skills and teammates looking to collaborate. These credentials are ensuring that workers are skilled up in critical needs swiftly, thereby driving digital transformations in organizations.

The Significance of Microsoft Applied Skills

A glimpse at the initial set of credentials shows the program tests a wide range of skills, from deploying and configuring Azure Monitor to creating and managing automated processes using Power Automate. The credentials, currently offered in English, will soon expand to additional languages beginning in late December 2023.

The Applied Skills credential increases the credibility of individuals and provides an opportunity to showcase their skills on professional networks such as LinkedIn. Furthermore, it also serves as an avenue to pinpoint talent with specific technical skills required in solving problems and implementing better solutions.

According to Cihan Günsür, Group Head of Learning & Development and Agile Transformation at Koç Holding, the new credentials are providing an agile way to bridge skill gaps, allowing their workforce to adapt swiftly to cover critical needs. He highlighted how the program is becoming part of Koç Holding's Future of Work Initiative.

A Comparison with Established Microsoft Credentials

Worth noting is the comparison between the new Applied Skills and the established Microsoft Certifications. The latter exists for more than 30 years, providing proof of technical proficiency for in-demand job roles. Meanwhile, the Applied Skills are offering credentials for project-specific skills.

These two initiatives combined allow individuals to take charge of their careers and stand out in their respective fields. The video suggests that there will be more exciting updates to be shared at the Microsoft Ignite event happening on November 15-16, 2023.

In conclusion, Microsoft's new digital skills initiative, the Applied Skills, promises an effective way for professionals to keep up with the most current technologies, expand their skills, and maintain competitiveness in the job market.


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Learning Selection - Free Microsoft Applied Skills Credentials: Brand New

Learn about Brand New FREE Applied Skills Microsoft Credentials


The Microsoft Applied Skills program has recently introduced a new, verifiable system for validating specialised technical proficiencies needed for specific real-world situations. This novel approach offers learners the unique opportunity to prove their skillset by putting them on center stage.

Aiming at creating a difference in recruitment approaches, this innovative addition to Microsoft Learn is set to revolutionize how hiring processes and team collaborations are conducted. Companies can now closely examine the potentials of employees, thus greatly ensuring that they have the right people, with the right skills, at the right time to spearhead critical projects.

[p] The company provides a broad spectrum of free credentials for a limited time, focusing on a wide variety of areas, such as secure storage for Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage, Implementing security using Azure DevOps, developing ASP.NET Core web apps, and more. Moreover, Microsoft is enthusiastic about introducing additional credentials that concentrate on AI and other business scenarios. Some of these include building natural language processing solutions, creating automated processes using Power Automate, and migrating SQL Server workload to Azure SQL.

Microsoft Applied Skills credentials

To obtain the Microsoft Applied Skills credentials, learners can opt to prepare via free self-paced learning paths on Microsoft Learn or instructor-led training scheduled to be available in 2024. Following this, learners can prove their competency by completing an online, scenario-based lab assessment. Successful learners will be recognized with a Microsoft-verified credential they can share with their professional network on LinkedIn.

The new Microsoft Applied Skills credentials go further to bridge the skills gap by enabling organizations to efficiently pinpoint talent within their teams, or amongst potential hires, who possess the specific technical competence they require. This was attested by Cihan Günsür, Group Head of Learning & Development and Agile Transformation at Koç Holding.

Furthermore, Microsoft Certifications and Microsoft Applied Skills offer another assurance of world-class technical expertise. Both types of certification play a complementary role, giving learners the chance to take control of their career paths. A straightforward infographic on 'Choose your Microsoft Credentials' further aids learners in making the right choice.

In terms of what’s next on their agenda, Microsoft is planning to announce further updates on new available credentials, AI-related training, and other revelations in the upcoming Microsoft Ignite event. Subscribing to “The Spark,” their recently enhanced LinkedIn newsletter, would keep learners up-to-date on further announcements.

Ultimately, the new Microsoft Applied Skills offers a path to validate someone’s skills in a more streamlined manner. This new system reflects how Microsoft is applying innovative approaches towards bridging the skills gap and building talent within the technological industry.


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