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Microsoft Ignite 2023: Latest Updates on Microsoft Teams Phone
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Nov 15, 2023 3:00 PM

Microsoft Ignite 2023: Latest Updates on Microsoft Teams Phone

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Explore the latest updates and ground-breaking innovations on Microsoft Teams Phone unveiled at Microsoft Ignite 2023 - revolutionizing business communication a

The latest updates from Microsoft Teams Phone, revealed at Microsoft Ignite 2023, are introducing advanced productivity capabilities aimed at enhancing communication across organizations. These improvements are designed to ease the collaborative process for all users, including frontline workers. Exciting advancements like voice isolation technology differentiate a user's voice from others in the vicinity, prioritizing clear communication.

Voice isolation will be launched in the coming quarter to ensure that during calls and meetings, the intended speaker is the one being heard. The Teams Shared Device license now extends to Android mobile devices, allowing shared devices to access advanced calling features. This addition is targeted to streamline the calling process for frontline personnel.

A newly introduced feature for hotline phones automatically dials a pre-configured number—such as emergency services—when the handset is picked up. Meanwhile, SIP Gateway support has expanded to include devices like elevator phones and paging systems, further integrating Teams with various communication tools.

Desk phones will soon experience user interface enhancements, simplifying the process of managing calls, transferring them, or sorting routine ones to voicemail. These updates are structured to make the calling experience on Teams more intuitive and user-friendly for professionals in any setting.

Teams Phone integration now carries intelligent features which facilitate efficient work processes and save valuable time for users, emphasizing productivity. One key highlight is Copilot in Teams Phone, leveraging AI to help users manage the administrative aspects of a call, enabling focus on the core conversation. The Copilot for Microsoft 365 license makes this feature widely accessible.

With Copilot, users can revisit past conversations, extracting essential information and context that may have been missed initially. Another upcoming feature is the 'Private Line', which assigns a secondary phone number for selected users, allowing them to receive direct calls with a unique ringtone, enhancing personalized communication. Shared line appearance features are also improved for better experience between delegates and delegators.

Meanwhile, click-to-call, currently in public preview, offers a bridge between Teams Phone and customers trying to connect via web pages or apps, ensuring that calls are smoothly transitioned to the right party in Teams. Voicemail notifications for protected messages ensure that users stay informed about sensitive information communicated via voicemail.

Emphasis has also been placed on easing the process of administration and management of Teams Phone, such as shared calling plans that allow groups of any size to utilize a single number and plan, providing both time and cost savings. Furthermore, updates to external call policies and improved issue detection tools aid admins in optimizing their Teams Phone experience.

The global availability of Teams Calling Plans continues to expand, with the latest introduction in Hong Kong. These plans simplify the enabling of PSTN calling in Teams for organizational needs. Additionally, Teams Phone Mobile is also growing its footprint with new regional support, partnering with several major carriers to further integrate Teams with mobile services.

Microsoft is also collaborating with telecom operators in India to provide Teams Phone-supported solutions, offering versatile choices for Indian Teams customers. You can explore more about the Teams Phone developments and witness customer stories like Deutsche Bank to understand the transformative impact of Teams integrations in real-world scenarios.

Broader Insights on Microsoft Teams Phone Updates

The assorted enhancements and additions to Microsoft Teams Phone unveiled at Microsoft Ignite 2023 signify a continuous effort to fortify the platform's calling solutions. The introduction of features like voice isolation, SIP Gateway support, and AI-driven Copilot highlight a commitment to delivering clear, intelligent, and intuitive communication tools suitable for all levels within an organization.

By focusing on creating a more connected and streamlined calling experience and expanding Teams Phone's global reach and integration with mobile carriers, Microsoft is pushing forward in establishing Teams as a robust, full-fledged collaboration suite. These advancements align with ongoing digital transformation trends where seamless integration and communication agility are critical for business efficiency and connectivity.