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Comprehensive Guide to Updated SharePoint Starter Kit v3
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Jun 28, 2023 7:00 AM

Comprehensive Guide to Updated SharePoint Starter Kit v3

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Eric Overfield introduces the SharePoint Starter Kit v3, an open-source solution blending development and provisioning, offering webparts, extensions, and custo

Eric Overfield has recently shared a developer-focused demo, introducing the all-new SharePoint Starter Kit v3. This technology demonstrator solution, which was released two months ago, amalgamates SharePoint development and provisioning into a single cohesive unit. The comprehensive package includes webparts, extensions, a library, PnP, and customizable SharePoint provisioning templates for creating sites, pages, content, and documentation.

Featuring SPFx v1.16.1, Fluent UI, and PnPjs v3.11, the solution uses normalized coding approaches. Moreover, it also offers seamless integration with related products and services. In less than 10 minutes, a user can set up an example site. Notably, every element of this solution is open source.

  • Demo Presenter: Eric Overfield (PixelMill).
  • Supporting materials: SharePoint Starter Kit v3 Repository available on GitHub.
  • Repo – SharePoint Starter Kit v3: Access the kit on GitHub via the provided links.
✅ 16 SPFx webparts
✅ 5 SPF extensions
✅ 1 SPFx library
✅ 2 PP provisioning templates

A Detailed Look at SharePoint Starter Kit v3

The SharePoint Starter Kit v3, revealed in Eric Overfield's recent developer-centric demo, exemplifies the latest in SharePoint technology. This newly released solution blends SharePoint development and provisioning together in a powerhouse package filled not only with webparts, extensions, and a comprehensive library, but also PnP and customizable SharePoint provisioning templates. Devised with SPFx v1.16.1, Fluent UI, and PnPjs v3.11, the kit showcases normalized coding approaches and offers integration with corresponding products. As an open-source kit, it positions users to set up an example site within mere minutes.

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The SharePoint Starter Kit v3 is a technology demonstrator solution released 2 months ago. It offers a bundle of capabilities including webparts, extensions, library, PnP and customizable SharePoint provisioning templates for sites, pages, content and documentation. It is built with SPFx v1.16.1, Fluent UI & PnPjs v3.11 and is open-source. It can be used to stand up an example site in less than 10 minutes. It was presented by Eric Overfield (PixelMill) on May 18, 2023 in the Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework Bi-weekly sync call. To learn more about the kit, the repo can be found at and


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