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Get Free Excel & Office Suite: Power BI & SQL Included
Feb 27, 2024 2:00 PM

Get Free Excel & Office Suite: Power BI & SQL Included

by HubSite 365 about Chandoo

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Unlock FREE Excel, Power BI & SQL! Discover tricks & limitations in our video guide.

Key insights


  • Getting Microsoft Excel, Power BI, SQL, and other data analysis software for free is possible and beneficial for those starting or on a budget.
  • There are limitations to the free versions of Excel, which one should be aware of before fully committing to using them.
  • There are tricks to acquiring Excel at a reduced price, which can be incredibly useful for individuals or small businesses needing more features than the free version offers.
  • Power BI and SQL can also be obtained for free, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for data analysis without the high costs.
  • Using platforms like to practice SQL with your datasets can enhance your skills and understanding of data analysis.
To get Excel for free:
To join the M365 Developer Program (and set up workspaces):
To get MySQL Community Edition
To practice SQL Online:

Exploring Microsoft's Free Offerings in Data Analysis Tools

Microsoft provides several key tools for data analysis, including Excel, Power BI, and SQL, which are pivotal for anyone dealing with data. These tools offer robust features that enable users to manage, analyze, and visualize data effectively. With the advent of free versions of these software offerings, Microsoft has considerably lowered the barriers to entry for individuals and small businesses who wish to harness the power of data analysis without incurring hefty software costs.

However, while these free variants offer a commendable range of functionalities, they come with limitations that might affect users requiring advanced features for their analysis work. Knowing the extent of these limitations is crucial in determining whether the free versions will suffice or if an upgrade is necessary.

For those who need more than what the free versions offer but are still looking to minimize costs, there are strategies and tricks to acquire Excel and other tools at a considerably reduced price. Additionally, resources like provide a practical platform for users to practice and refine their SQL skills using their own datasets, further enhancing their data analytical capabilities without additional financial investment.

Understanding the avenues through which these tools can be accessed freely or at minimal cost opens up opportunities for a wider audience to leverage powerful data analysis software. This democratization of technology not only fosters a greater understanding of data analysis across various sectors but also encourages a culture of informed decision-making based on insightful data interpretation.



Discover the secrets to accessing Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and SQL without spending a penny with Chandoo's latest video. This insightful guide walks you through the steps to secure these crucial data analysis tools for free. It's an invaluable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike looking to enhance their data handling skills without financial burden.

Starting with an introduction on how to obtain Excel at no cost, the video transitions into the limitations that come with the free version. Despite these constraints, Chandoo shares effective tips and tricks to acquire Excel at a significantly reduced price, ensuring viewers can make the most out of this opportunity.

But the video doesn't stop there; it also covers how to access Power BI and SQL for free, expanding your toolkit for data analysis even further. For those interested in applying SQL to their datasets, is introduced as a practical platform to practice and perfect your SQL skills.

The cherry on top is the offer of a single email compilation filled with all the information on accessing these software products for free, making it easier for the viewers to get started on their data analysis journey without the hassle of cost barriers.

In essence, Chandoo's video is a goldmine for anyone looking to enhance their data handling capabilities with Excel, Power BI, and SQL. Offering a blend of cost-effective solutions and practical advice, this video becomes an essential watch for aspiring and seasoned data analysts.

Exploring Free Data Analysis Tools Further

Data analysis is an integral part of the modern digital world, driving insights and decisions in virtually every sector. With tools like Excel, Power BI, and SQL at your disposal, the ability to sort, analyze, and interpret data becomes significantly more accessible. However, the cost of software can often be a barrier for individuals and small businesses looking to harness these powerful tools. Thankfully, there are strategies and resources available, as demonstrated by Chandoo, that offer these essential data analysis tools for free or at a minimal cost.

Understanding the limitations of free versions is crucial as it allows users to evaluate whether the no-cost option meets their needs or if a paid version is a worthy investment for additional features. For instance, while free Excel offers a wide array of functionalities, certain advanced features might only be available in the paid version. Similarly, exploring platforms like to practice SQL can provide practical experience that is invaluable in mastering data analysis.

The availability of these tools for free opens doors to a wider audience, enabling learners, freelancers, and small businesses to step up their data analysis game. It democratizes access to technology, fueling innovation and creativity across various fields. As data continues to play a pivotal role in decision-making processes, the value of being proficient in handling data analysis tools cannot be overstated.



People also ask

"How do I get Microsoft Power BI for free?"

To access Power BI at no cost, navigate to and choose the 'Try free' option. You may also be prompted to select 'Try Power BI for free' directly. Alternatively, clicking on an email link that leads to a Power BI dashboard, report, or app will prompt you to sign in with your organizational account.

"How do I get an Excel spreadsheet from Power BI?"

Begin in Excel by selecting the “Data” tab, then click “Get Data.” Just like the previous instruction, pick “From Power Platform” followed by “From Power BI.” Subsequently, select your intended dataset from the “Power BI datasets” displayed on the right-hand side, and then opt for “Insert Table.” Configure the table to your preference by selecting the desired values and filters easily.

"How to get Power BI Premium free?"

To acquire an individual license for Power BI Premium at no cost, you can enroll in a free trial of the paid Power BI Premium Per User version, which often extends for a duration of one or two months.

"Is there a free option for Power BI?"

For those seeking to uncover insights within their data and disseminate comprehensive analytics reports, Power BI offers a free option through Microsoft Fabric, allowing you to try Power BI at no cost.



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