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Maximizing Storage by Reducing SharePoint File Versions: A Guide by Microsoft Expert
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Aug 12, 2023 7:00 AM

Maximizing Storage by Reducing SharePoint File Versions: A Guide by Microsoft Expert

by HubSite 365 about Microsoft

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Maximize SharePoint storage optimization with expert Kasper Bo Larsens tips on trimming file versions and using scripts for effective storage management.

In this 9-minute developer-focused demo, Kasper Bo Larsen discusses SharePoint storage and how to reduce its usage and cost. He explains how storage usage is calculated and provides methods to minimize SharePoint Storage consumption proactively by reducing the number of versions stored and reactively using scripts to calculate potential storage savings and trim files.

  • Demo Presenter: Kasper Bo Larsen (Fellowmind)
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  • Supporting materials include articles, script samples, and documentation.


Further discussion on SharePoint Storage

This demo is part of the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Development Community, which provides various resources including samples, video content, and productive discussions. Their unified sample gallery, YouTube channel, and main platform site are valuable sources for understanding and implementing practices to efficiently use and manage SharePoint storage. They encourage sharing and learning, with the goal of helping each member to excel in their work.

Learn about Trimming SharePoint file versions to reduce Storage costs

SharePoint storage costs can be reduced by trimming file versions and using retention policies. It is important to understand how usage is calculated and what storage costs involve, in order to minimize SharePoint Storage consumption. Proactively, the number of versions saved can be reduced, and scripts can be used to calculate potential storage reduction results and trim files. The PowerShell Remove-PnPFileVersion function can be used to delete versions and the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community provides a range of sample galleries, videos and documentation to help users learn more about the topic.

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