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SharePoint Framework 1.19: Explore New Features Preview
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Mar 28, 2024 5:08 PM

SharePoint Framework 1.19: Explore New Features Preview

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Explore SharePoint Framework 1.19 Preview: New Features for Viva, Teams & Online!

Key insights


  • Public preview of SharePoint Framework (SPFx) 1.19 announced, with updates focusing on Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online.
  • Introduction of new layout options for the Viva Connections card view – specifically new text box layout for example for surveys and search scenarios
    • See below video and sample code for more details on the option
  • Webpack 5 support
  • Buildtime packages release is decoupled from the SPFx release
  • Numerous other improvements and adjustments based on the reported issues by customers and partners

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) 1.19 and Its Impact

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) continues to evolve, offering developers and organizations powerful tools to create custom extensions and applications within Microsoft 365 ecosystem. The upcoming 1.19 release, with its public preview already making waves, aims to further this capability by integrating newer features and updates specifically tailored towards enhancing experiences in Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online. This focus on a more connected and seamless user experience is reflective of the growing demand for integrated workplace solutions that streamline workflows and foster collaboration.




The SPFx framework's emphasis on industry-standard tooling, automatic hosting, and seamless single sign-on integration ensures that developers can focus on creating impactful solutions rather than being bogged down by infrastructure management. This aspect is particularly crucial in a fast-paced development landscape, where the ability to adapt and respond to changing needs quickly can significantly influence the success of a project.

As the general release of SPFx 1.19 approaches, developers and organizations alike eagerly anticipate the full suite of features and improvements it promises to bring. These enhancements are expected to not only facilitate more robust and dynamic solutions within the Microsoft 365 platform but also contribute to a more connected and efficient digital workplace.





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