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Effective Use of Emojis for Success Celebrations in MS Teams
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Sep 29, 2023 6:12 PM

Effective Use of Emojis for Success Celebrations in MS Teams

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Boost team engagement with Microsoft Teams new Together Emojis for celebrating success milestones digitally!

Microsoft celebrates the National High Five Day with new feature additions to the well-known collaboration tool - Together Emojis. These unique emojis, designed to augment digital communication, are a brainchild of experts who identified certain gaps in the online communication stream. Striving to enhance a sense of connection and community, they have been working since 2016 to streamline diverse sentiment expressions, from sharing a virtual meal to cheering a team member.Learn more

However, what's exactly is a "Together Emoji" you ask?

The concept behind “Together Emojis” is to elevate digital communications with a human touch. Users often complain about the disconnect when emoticons stayed on one side of the chat screen. Now, with these new emojis - the sentiment expressions are meant to be more unified, associating shared experiences and showing solidarity.

Opening the collaboration tool for work or personal use and joining in chats with your friends, colleagues, or family will no longer be mundane. Now you can enjoy fun animations as you give and receive virtual “high fives”.

Finding the new "high five" emoji is straightforward and can be performed in three different ways:

  • Type "(highfive)" in the compose bar and press enter when using a desktop.
  • In the fun picker, on either mobile or desktop, look up "high five" in the search bar and press enter.
  • Scroll down the list of smileys in the fun picker, and select the high five emoji.

"Highfive" is one of many sentiment expressions available that you can collectively experience. More such emojis are on their way!

A Closer Look at the National High Five Day

National High Five Day, observed every third Thursday of April in the United States, promotes positive energy sharing through the simple act of high fives. This year, the occasion focuses on bring cheer to children with chronic illnesses by sharing virtual high fives. More information about this holiday and associated charity can be found at the National High Five Day website.

Microsoft continues to enhance its collaboration tool by integrating creative RT tooExpressive Emojis and interactive features. The mission behind these innovative steps is to eliminate the barriers of digital communication and create a harmonious and inclusive platform for users across the globe, be it an official meeting or a casual chat with friends.

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Teams - Effective Use of Emojis for Success Celebrations in MS Teams

Learn about Guide to Using Emojis in Microsoft Teams for Success Celebrations

Today, I will discuss a unique feature in one of Microsoft's collaboration platforms popularly known as Teams. It's about a new and interactive way of celebrating successes through the use of emojis. Imagine being able to give your colleague a virtual high five! The newest addition to Teams' chat purposes, the Together Emojis, add a sense of community and connection to the regular emoji use.

Notably, the use of these "Together Emojis" was a concept developed in 2016 by my colleague Nico Nuzzaci and me to bridge communication gaps. Emojis, when used in chat, often seem disconnected - typically appearing on the left or right of the text. We perceived the need for bringing individuals closer, even in the digital space.

Therefore, we designed the Together Emojis to foster stronger bonds and a greater sense of community while working remotely. Imagine a digital fist bump, a clink of glasses, or even sharing a virtual pizza! These emojis are there to bring everyone's sentiments together and forge a deeper sense of belonging.

To utilize these Together Emojis, simply open Teams, be it for work or personal use, on either desktop or mobile app. Interact with your colleagues, friends, or family by sending a high five after another; watch the magic as it culminates into a fun animation.

You can find the “highfive” emoji by following these methods:

  • Typing (highfive) in the compose bar and hitting enter on your desktop;
  • Opening the fun picker, typing “highfive” in the search bar and hitting enter, on either mobile or desktop; or
  • Opening the fun picker, scrolling down the smileys category to the custom emojis, tapping the highfive emoji, and hitting enter, on either mobile or desktop.

Interestingly, the 'highfive' emoji is just one of the many other Together Emojis available. More similar emotions are to be released over time!

Finally, National High Five Day is celebrated in the United States every third Thursday of April. The ethos of this holiday is to spread good vibes by giving high fives. This year, through Teams' Together Emojis, you can contribute to CoachArt by sending virtual high fives to children suffering from chronic illnesses. You can learn more about this holiday, the charity, and how to participate via their official website.

By embracing the use of these Together Emojis on Microsoft's collaboration platform, we can not only improve our communication but also foster a more engaging and connected remote working environment. So next time you want to celebrate a small win or simply share a fun moment with a co-worker, don't forget to give them a virtual high five!

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