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Bye bye Viva Topics
Feb 24, 2024 7:00 AM

Bye bye Viva Topics

by HubSite 365 about Steve Corey

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Viva Topics is a part of Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform designed to improve knowledge sharing and information discovery within organizations.

Viva Topics to Retire in Favor of New Knowledge Experiences with Microsoft Copilot




Microsoft has announced a significant shift in its approach to knowledge management within its ecosystem. Viva Topics, a cornerstone in Microsoft's suite for enhancing workplace productivity through AI-driven topic organization, is set to retire on February 22, 2025. This move paves the way for Microsoft to concentrate its efforts on developing new knowledge and content experiences, particularly through the innovative capabilities of Microsoft Copilot.

As of the retirement date, Viva Topics will cease to be accessible to users. However, Microsoft has laid out a clear plan to ensure the continuity of knowledge management within organizations:

  • Topic Pages: Existing Topic pages created by users will persist as standard SharePoint pages. Although these pages will no longer receive automatic enhancements from AI, users can continue to edit and publish updates as with any other SharePoint page.
  • Topics Center: The central hub where Topic pages are stored will transform into a standard SharePoint site. This change allows for the continued maintenance and governance of these sites in line with organizational policies.

Microsoft encourages users and organizations to begin pivoting their knowledge management strategies to other tools within the Microsoft 365 suite. SharePoint remains a robust repository for organizational knowledge, while Viva Answers offers a platform for expert knowledge sharing. Additionally, Copilot and Microsoft Search are highlighted as key tools for facilitating knowledge discovery.

For those seeking guidance on this transition, Microsoft advises referring to the new Knowledge Page on the Microsoft 365 Adoption Hub. This resource is designed to support organizations in adopting these changes and leveraging the full potential of Microsoft 365's knowledge management capabilities.


Microsoft announces the retirement of Viva Topics by February 22, 2025, to focus on developing advanced knowledge and content experiences through Microsoft Copilot. Organizations are advised to adapt their knowledge management strategies and utilize other Microsoft 365 tools like SharePoint, Viva Answers, Copilot, and Microsoft Search. Support documentation and FAQs are available for further details and transition guidance.