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Outlook for Mac is in the Loop
Sep 30, 2023 4:00 PM

Outlook for Mac is in the Loop

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Master Microsoft Loop with our guide covering components, pages, & workspaces. Enhance your Outlook for Mac to streamline collaboration in Microsoft 365.

The Microsoft Platform Integration With the Loop Ecosystem

The software called Outlook for Mac has newly integrated with Microsoft's Loop ecosystem, enriching the features accessible on Mac. The integration paves the way for adding Loop components to new messages, modifying your toolbar to easily access them.

Outlook on the Mac got looped into the Microsoft Loop ecosystem with the arrival
of Loop components. This video shows how to add them to your new messages and
change your toolbar to make them easier to access.

These interactive components, powered by Microsoft Loop, are part of Microsoft 365's suite of tools. Announced at the Microsoft Ignite event in 2021, Loop components allow real-time collaboration on task lists, tables, or notes in chat, email, or documents.

These tools complement the existing collaborative features in Microsoft 365, such as the ability to work on shared documents and OneNotes. However, Loop addresses an operational inefficiency where different team members prefer different platforms for task management and sharing.

Introduction to Microsoft Loop and Its Components

Microsoft Loop introduces the concept of Loop Components, which are interactive and shareable units that can be integrated in various Microsoft 365 applications. This feature optimizes team synchronisation and collaboration on micro projects where setting up a Planner might be unnecessary or overkill.

Loop's ecosystem consists of three main elements: Loop Components, Loop Pages, and Loop Workspaces.

Loop Components include basic elements such as lists, tables, paragraphs, or task lists that are accessible in Microsoft Teams, Whiteboard, and Outlook. These components can be added to emails or Teams chats and the data is securely stored in the author’s OneDrive account.

Loop Pages and Workspaces

Loop Pages function as collaborative canvases where teams can manufacture and organise ideas, files, and other data in real time. They come with the flexibility to carry multiple loop components, text and facilitate easy feedback with reactions on ideas or content.

Loop Workspaces, on the other hand, serve as spaces where you can consolidate files, content, ideas, and projects for your team. You can include Loop pages in your workspace for enhanced collaboration and idea sharing.

Sharing of Loop components from the Loop pages and workspaces is possible in Teams, Outlook, or OneNote for easy collaboration.

Operating with Microsoft Loop

Applications such as Teams, Outlook, Word, and Whiteboard support the Loop components, with plans in action to roll out the creation of Loop components directly from the Whiteboard by mid-2023.

In Teams, loops can be added to the chat by clicking on the Loop icon and following the procedure. Similarly, for Outlook, the components can be included in an email by clicking on the Loop component icon. The participants need not reply to the email to update the component.

Microsoft Whiteboard, currently not allowing the addition of new Loop components, can facilitate copy-pasting of components to the whiteboard.

Impact of Microsoft Loop

Introducing an effective way to collaborate within teams, Microsoft Loop enhances real-time interaction and coordination through Teams. Its contribution to the Microsoft 365 environment could potentially outweigh OneNote, raising questions about the latter's role.

The enriched offerings of Microsoft Platforms, be it the added Loop components or the step towards a more seamless collaboration, promises an intriguing future for the users engaging with Microsoft's suite of tools.

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