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Microsoft Event Recap: Major Excel CoPilot Upgrade
Sep 28, 2023 12:30 AM

Microsoft Event Recap: Major Excel CoPilot Upgrade

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Explore and analyze your data with Excels CoPilot: Revealing correlations, suggesting formulas, and driving outcomes.

Microsoft recently launched a major upgrade for Excel - Copilot. Copilot is a data analytics tool that works alongside users in Excel, helping them explore and analyse their data intuitively. Users can ask Copilot questions about their data set in natural language, as opposed to complex formulas. It is designed to reveal correlations, propose what-if scenarios, and suggest new formulas based on user's questions.

This novel approach enables the generation of models which help users explore their data without modifying it. Users can identify trends, create powerful visualizations, and even ask Copilot for recommendations to drive different outcomes.

Some of the example commands and prompts that users could try with Copilot include asking for a breakdown of sales by type and channel, inserting tables, projecting the impact of variable changes, and modelling impacts on gross margins due to changes to the growth rate of certain variables.

Further Information on Microsoft's Excel Copilot

Copilot is redefining the way users interact with Excel by making data analysis more accessible. This tool's ability to understand natural language enables users of all skill levels to delve into comprehensive data analysis. They can now identify patterns, trends, correlations, and generate predictive models without needing expertise in complex formulas or programming.

Copilot paves the way for innovative data exploration, allowing users to manipulate data without directly modifying it. This comes handy in scenarios where the original data needs to be preserved. Its interactivity extends to creating immersive visualisations, fostering better data comprehension.

Moreover, Copilot can be a game-changer for businesses. With suggestions on potential outcomes and predictive what-if scenarios, decision-making can become data-driven and accurate. This brings a new edge to Excel, making it a powerful tool not just for data storage, but also for strategic insights and future planning.

Learn about Excel's Major Upgrade: CoPilot (Microsoft Event Recap)

During the recent Microsoft event, a significant upgrade for Excel, named CoPilot, was unveiled. This feature promises to facilitate a more effortless interpretation and exploration of data. CoPilot is designed to understand inquiries posed in natural language, without the reliance on complicated formulas. This capability allows it to provide insight into your data, generate what-if scenarios, and propose new formulas based on your questions.

Interestingly, CoPilot can construct models from your inquiries, assisting in data exploration without altering the original data. These models and insights can help identify trends, craft substantial visualizations or offer recommendations to steer various results.

Users can utilise a range of commands such as requesting a sales breakdown by type and channel, inserting a table, projecting variable change's impact, or modelling how an alteration to a growth rate might influence the gross margin. These are just some of the possibilities with CoPilot, broadening Excel's capabilities to encompass more intuitive and interactive ways of data analysis.

  • Learn more about CoPilot in Excel by exploring Microsoft's official documentation and tutorials.

  • Take online training courses from Microsoft Learn on data analysis and Excel to better understand CoPilot's broad potentials.

  • Join discussions on technology forums and communities. Actively participating or even lurking in these discussions can provide real-world examples and practical tips on using the new feature.

  • Practice using the feature. The best way to learn and adapt to new technology is by using it. Try various commands and experiment with your data.

  • Attend webinars, seminars, and workshops about the new update. Such sessions allow you to ask the experts directly and gather more in-depth knowledge.

By doing these, you can increase your skills and familiarity with Excel's CoPilot, making data analysis more seamless and effective.


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