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Windows 11 Update: Start Menu Now Features Ads
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Apr 13, 2024 1:16 AM

Windows 11 Update: Start Menu Now Features Ads

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Windows 11 May Feature Start Menu Ads: Microsoft Seeks User Feedback

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  • Microsoft is starting to test ads inside the Start menu on Windows 11, specifically in the recommended section to suggest apps from the Microsoft Store.
  • The ads will only appear for Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel in the US and not on commercial devices managed by organizations.
  • Users can disable the app promotions in the Settings section of Windows 11, though they're enabled by default.
  • Microsoft is seeking feedback on these changes, and might remove the ads based on user feedback.
  • The company has been experimenting with ads inside Windows for over 10 years, including in File Explorer, Windows 10 lock screen, and the Start menu.

Ads in Windows 11 Start Menu

Microsoft has begun experimenting with displaying ads in the Start menu of Windows 11. These ads will be showcased within the Recommended section, traditionally a place for file suggestions, now also promoting apps from the Microsoft Store.

This change is currently in testing with Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel in the US. Importantly, these tests exclude commercial devices, focusing solely on consumer usage. The ads can be turned off manually in the settings, although by default, Microsoft plans to enable them.

Given that Microsoft is open to feedback during this testing phase, there's a possibility these ads might not make it to the final build of Windows 11, should user feedback lean heavily against them. Microsoft's initiative to include ads isn't entirely new, with similar efforts observed in Windows 12 and earlier versions.

  • Ads integration tested in the Start menu.
  • Feedback from Windows Insiders will influence the decision.
  • Prior instances of ads in various Windows components.


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Windows 12 - Windows 11 Update: Start Menu Now Features Ads


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