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Microsoft Separates Teams from Office Amid Antitrust Concerns
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Apr 2, 2024 1:04 AM

Microsoft Separates Teams from Office Amid Antitrust Concerns

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Microsoft Decouples Teams from Office 365 Amid EU Antitrust Probes - A New Standalone Journey Begins

Key insights


  • Microsoft is spinning off Teams from Office 365 to offer it as a separate app worldwide, aiming to alleviate antitrust investigation impacts in the EU.
  • The move is designed to provide clarity for customers, with a spokesperson highlighting the implementation in the EU last year.
  • Current customers can maintain their existing deals, but new sign-ups will see Teams priced at $5.25, and Office packages without Teams will range from $7.75 to $54.75.
  • The decision to separate Teams follows an EU investigation initiated after a complaint from Slack, amid concerns of anticompetitive behavior during the pandemic's peak.
  • Antitrust penalties could cost Microsoft up to 10% of its global annual turnover, underscoring the significant risks associated with the ongoing EU scrutiny.


Decoding Microsoft's Strategic Shift with Teams

In a bold move, Microsoft has announced the separation of its Teams app from the Office 365 suite, marking a significant shift in strategy amid rising antitrust pressures. This decision comes as a strategic maneuver designed to mitigate the implications of an intensive EU antitrust investigation. By offering Teams as a standalone app,

Microsoft aims to clear the air of any perceived anti-competitive practices, especially highlighted by a previous complaint from competitor Slack. The move not only reflects Microsoft's commitment to ensuring customer clarity and choice but also underscores the company's responsiveness to regulatory environments.

With pricing set to be adjusted for new customers, this development presents a new landscape for enterprise communication tools. Furthermore, as the tech giant navigates through potential antitrust penalties, which could severely impact its finances, the industry watches closely. This separation could serve as a precedent for how tech conglomerates address bundling practices in the future, potentially altering market dynamics considerably.

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Microsoft is making a significant change by separating Teams from Office 365, a move possibly influenced by antitrust investigations in the EU. The tech giant aims to sell Teams as an independent app worldwide, a decision elaborated on by Reuters. This adjustment is designed to enhance clarity for customers, as communicated by a company spokesperson.

Existing customers of Microsoft will have the opportunity to maintain their current agreements, which include Teams, Office, and other products. Alternatively, they can choose to renew, update, or select a new offer. For new users, the standalone version of Teams is priced at $5.25, whereas Office packages without it range from $7.75 to $54.75.

The initiative to spin off Teams initially took place in the EU in August of the previous year. This move came shortly after the European Commission commenced an investigation into whether the bundling of Teams with Office contravened competition laws. The investigation was spurred by a complaint from Slack in 2020, during a period when Teams experienced significant growth due to the covid-19 pandemic.

  • Microsoft separates Teams from Office 365 globally.
  • New pricing: standalone Teams at $5.25, Office without Teams starting at $7.75.
  • Change aims to provide clarity and options for customers.


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