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New Snipping Tool & Notepad Features for Windows Insiders
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Feb 9, 2024 12:13 PM

New Snipping Tool & Notepad Features for Windows Insiders

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Windows Insider? Get the latest on Snipping Tool & Notepad – now with shapes & Copilot explanations!

Key insights

Windows Insider Program Introduces New Updates: Microsoft announces the roll-out of updates for Snipping Tool and Notepad to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels on Windows 11, aiming to enhance user experience with added features.

  • Enhancements in Snipping Tool: The Snipping Tool receives a significant update, introducing the ability to add shapes such as rectangles, ovals, lines, and arrows to screenshots. This addition is designed to facilitate better markup and annotation of screenshots.

  • Interactive Features for Added Shapes: Users can now easily select, customize, and integrate shapes into their screenshots within the Snipping Tool. This includes resizing, moving, and color adjustments for shapes, which can be seamlessly merged with the image.

  • Notepad Integrates with Copilot: Notepad's new update introduces "Explain with Copilot," a feature that leverages Copilot in Windows to provide explanations for text content. This function aims to assist users in understanding log files, code segments, and selected text with ease.

  • Accessibility and Feedback: Microsoft encourages users to try out these new features and provide feedback through the Feedback Hub. This step reflects the company's commitment to refining user experience based on community input.

  • Future Developments: Both updates exemplify Microsoft's ongoing efforts to enhance its software tools, with promises of more improvements and additional features to come based on user feedback and technological advancements.


Exploring the New Era of Windows Tools

The recent updates to Snipping Tool and Notepad as part of the Windows Insider Program underscore Microsoft's dedication to improving user experience and productivity on Windows 11. By introducing features like shape annotations in the Snipping Tool and integrating Copilot into Notepad for better content understanding, Microsoft aims to streamline tasks and enhance the usability of its applications.

These updates not only reflect the company's commitment to innovation but also its responsiveness to user feedback. Features like "Explain with Copilot" in Notepad signify a shift towards leveraging AI to assist users in daily tasks, making technology more accessible and functional.

As Microsoft continues to roll out updates and introduce new features, it's clear that the focus is on creating a more intuitive, efficient, and helpful user environment. This approach highlights the importance of feedback from the Windows Insider community, as it drives the development and refinement of Windows applications. Going forward, users can expect further enhancements that cater to their needs and elevate their computing experience on Windows 11.

Microsoft has announced updates to Snipping Tool and Notepad for Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels on Windows 11. These updates aim to enhance productivity and creativity for users. Snipping Tool now has the ability to add shapes to captures, and Notepad introduces "Explain with Copilot" to help understand text files more effectively.

Snipping Tool (Version 11.2401.32.0)

With the latest update, users can add rectangles, ovals, lines, and arrows to screenshots. To use this feature, select the shapes button in the toolbar, choose a shape, and draw over your image. These shapes can be resized, moved, or have their color changed. Users can remove shapes with the eraser tool or undo annotations. Microsoft encourages feedback through the Feedback Hub under Apps > Snipping Tool.

Notepad (Version 11.2401.25.0)

Notepad's new feature, "Explain with Copilot," helps users quickly understand content in text files, such as log files or code segments. To access, highlight text, right-click, and select "Explain with Copilot" or use the Ctrl + E shortcut. This feature, however, may not be immediately available to all users. Feedback is welcome through the Feedback Hub under Apps > Notepad. Microsoft appreciates community feedback on these updates.


Windows 12 - New Snipping Tool & Notepad Features for Windows Insiders


People also ask

"What is the new Microsoft Snipping Tool?"

Experience the enhanced way of capturing your screen with Microsoft Snipping Tool. It enables you to effortlessly take a snapshot to copy either words or images from any part of your PC screen. The Snipping Tool offers functionality to modify or annotate your captures, followed by the capacity to save, and then share them seamlessly. Initiating the Snipping Tool is straightforward – simply press the Windows logo key + Shift + S.

"Why is Snipping Tool not working Windows 11?"

There could be a few reasons why the Snipping Tool may not function on Windows 11, including corruption of the Snipping Tool app, outdated graphics drivers, the interference of third-party applications, or an expired Snipping Tool certificate due to a known bug in the Windows 11 update.

"How do I update my Snipping Tool?"

To ensure the latest features and fixes, update your Snipping Tool alongside other applications like Calculator or Microsoft Photos through the designated process.

"Who owns the Snipping Tool?"

The Snipping Tool, a highly useful screenshot utility, is developed and owned by Microsoft.



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