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Create a SharePoint Knowledge Base: Easy Steps Guide
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Apr 22, 2024 5:24 PM

Create a SharePoint Knowledge Base: Easy Steps Guide

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Step-by-Step SharePoint Knowledge Base Creation: Enhance Collaboration & Productivity!

Key insights


  • Creating a SharePoint Knowledge Base involves utilizing SharePoint Pages, selecting the right Site template, setting up a Knowledge Base Page Template, and making it the default for users.
  • Enhance the Knowledge Base with advanced features like Site Pages Library Metadata, Audience Targeting, and Search Vertical creation for a tailored experience.
  • SharePoint Pages are central to organizing and displaying content, allowing for multiple pages each with unique content, layout, and web parts.
  • A Page Template helps standardize the look and feel, ensuring consistency across all articles in the Knowledge Base.
  • Utilize SharePoint Metadata for organizing and categorizing articles and Audience Targeting to display content to specific groups, improving the knowledge management process.

Exploring SharePoint Knowledge Bases Further

Creating a successful Knowledge Base in SharePoint is not just about storing information but organizing it in a way that enhances accessibility and relevance for users. Central to this effort are SharePoint Pages, which serve as the building blocks for your content. These can be customized and multiplied to cater to different needs or themes within your Knowledge Base. The use of a Page Template is instrumental in ensuring a cohesive look and user experience, making it easier for users to navigate and digest the information presented.

Beyond the basics, diving into advanced functionalities like Site Pages Library Metadata and Audience Targeting can significantly elevate how content is served to different user groups. Whether it's displaying certain articles to only full-time employees or customizing navigation to reflect user roles, these features offer a layer of personalization and efficiency in content delivery.

Creating a Knowledge Base with SharePoint Online

SharePoint Maven Inc's latest tutorial video walks viewers through the process of creating a Knowledge Base using SharePoint Online. This Knowledge Base utilizes several SharePoint features such as SharePoint Pages, Site Pages Library Metadata, and more. The step-by-step guide emphasizes the ease and functionality of SharePoint Online for capturing and organizing knowledge.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Knowledge Base

The video outlines a thorough guide starting from selecting the right SharePoint Site template to configuring the look and feel of your Knowledge Base. It covers creating a Page Template and making it the default for better uniformity across articles. These initial steps ensure a solid and standardized foundation for your Knowledge Base.

Further into the video, SharePoint Maven Inc explains how to create Knowledge Base articles using the Page Template. Customizing the main Wiki Page and Site Navigation are detailed to enhance user experience. These steps are pivotal in ensuring that the Knowledge Base is user-friendly and easily navigable.

Enhancing the Knowledge Base

To take your Knowledge Base to the next level, SharePoint Maven Inc delves into advanced features like Audience Targeting, Site Pages Metadata, and creating a Search Vertical. Audience Targeting ensures that different groups see content that's relevant to them. Utilizing Site Pages Metadata helps in categorizing and organizing content efficiently. Lastly, setting up a custom Search Vertical improves searchability and accessibility of the Knowledge Base content.

Key Takeaways

Creating a Knowledge Base in SharePoint Online is made simpler with SharePoint Maven Inc's comprehensive tutorial. From setting up your Site to enhancing it with advanced capabilities, the video covers essential steps and features for an effective Knowledge Base. SharePoint Pages and their customization play a crucial role, along with Metadata and Audience Targeting to organize and personalize content. Finally, creating a Search Vertical enhances user experience by improving the search function within the Knowledge Base.

Importance of Knowledge Bases

Knowledge Bases have become essential tools for companies to manage and share information efficiently. They serve as central repositories where employees can find information, resources, and guides. A well-organized Knowledge Base can significantly reduce the time spent by employees looking for information and can improve overall productivity. SharePoint Online, with its versatile features, proves to be an excellent platform for building robust Knowledge Bases.

SharePoint Online enables the creation of detailed, organized, and accessible Knowledge Bases. By leveraging SharePoint Pages and additional features like Metadata and Audience Targeting, businesses can tailor their Knowledge Bases to meet their specific needs. This customization ensures that different user groups can access relevant information quickly.

SharePoint Online - Create a SharePoint Knowledge Base: Easy Steps Guide


People also ask

Can you build a knowledge base in SharePoint?

SharePoint is an excellent platform for constructing knowledge bases, offering a method to effectively organize and provide easy access to your organization’s knowledge. This functionality is integrated into Microsoft SharePoint, a leading solution for enterprise knowledge management.

How do I create a knowledge management in SharePoint?

There are two main methods for establishing a knowledge management system in SharePoint.

Is SharePoint a good knowledge base?

SharePoint stands out as an optimal solution for knowledge base management, especially for those organizations deeply integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem. It provides a seamless way to manage, upload, and organize critical documents and templates made with Office365, enriching the sharing experience across various departments.

How do you create a knowledge base?

Guidelines on Establishing a Knowledge Base



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