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Maximizing Bing Chat Enterprise: Guide Without M365 Copilot
Bing Chat Enterprise
Nov 1, 2023 6:30 PM

Maximizing Bing Chat Enterprise: Guide Without M365 Copilot

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Unlock the full potential of Bing Chat Enterprise without M365 Copilot- maximize efficiency and data protection today!

Unlocking the Potential of Bing Chat Enterprise

The latest offering in AI powered chat applications, Bing Chat Enterprise, is here to create a new wave in data protection and commercial data operations. Known as M365 Copilot, this innovative tool requires a minimum purchase of 300 licenses, thus accentuating the exclusivity. However, the inability for direct purchase from Purchase Services in the M365 Admin center could pose a challenge for some organizations.

While it might be beyond the financial scope for some organizations to acquire the required licenses due to budget constraints, there are efficient tips to make Bing Chat for Enterprise work almost as much for you as Copilot can. The potential of Bing Chat Enterprise extends to almost matching the capabilities of the Copilot.

Bing Chat Enterprise is designed to serve your organization with the power of AI-backed chat combined with commercial data protection measures. Since July, the service has been made available in preview on and the Edge sidebar. The tool is now being made accessible on Windows Copilot Preview for qualified commercial customers, reinforcing Bing Chat Enterprise's appeal.

The user experience provided by Bing Chat Enterprise bears a striking resemblance to the existing Bing Chat. Among the notable changes are the addition of Bing Chat Enterprise branding and a consistent reminder about the robust protection of both personal and corporate data.

Significant changes are introduced 'under the hood' specifically for IT professionals and individuals ensuring data protection and compliance. Bing Chat Enterprise aids organizations in confidently using Windows Copilot while guaranteeing the security of your data. Bing ensures chat data is neither saved nor accessed by Microsoft and is not used to improve the machine learning models. Furthermore, detailed information on how Bing Chat Enterprise safeguards your privacy and data is available online.

This service is built on web data and presents comprehensive, checkable answers with citations. It also provides visual answers incorporating charts and graphs, crafting itself in line with our AI principles. If you’re an IT admin eager to oversee Bing Chat Enterprise on Bing, Edge sidebar, or Windows Copilot for your organization, you can consult the specific documentation for managing Bing Chat Enterprise.

The Windows Copilot Preview is at present accessible to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. The rollout to Insiders in the Beta Channel is currently underway. Remember, you can submit your feedback on any issues encountered by clicking the “…” icon at the top right of the sidebar in Windows Copilot.

A Broader Look at AI-Powered Chat Tools

AI-powered chat applications, such as Bing Chat Enterprise, are revolutionizing communication within organizations these days. They provide robust data protection, a concerning matter for many modern businesses. Providing a fast, efficient, and reliable means of internal communication, these chat applications offer substantial business benefits.

These tools use machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to deal with various requests. They free up human resources, allowing employees to concentrate on more value-adding tasks. The chat data being neither saved nor used to improve models ensures a high level of privacy - a paramount concern in commercial data protection.

As we progress further into the realm of digitization and AI, these chat applications will continue to evolve. They will undoubtedly become more sophisticated and intertwined with our daily operations, fostering a more productive and efficient workspace while always prioritizing data security.


Make Bing Chat Enterprise work for you!

Understanding how to implement and maximize the benefits of Bing Chat for Enterprises can seem daunting without M365 Copilot. Fear not, because even if you can't buy M365 Copilot directly or you need to adhere to license limitations, you can still get Bing Chat to perform nearly at par with Copilot.

This AI-powered chat application is designed for your organization, ensuring data protection while talking business. So, here’s some exciting news - Bing’s commercial-grade chat application is now accessible in preview mode on the Edge sidebar and, with data protection at its core.

Furthermore, the roll-out for Bing's chat app begins today on the Windows Copilot Preview for eligible commercial customers. If your enterprise is already hip-deep in Bing's commercial chat service, rest assured that further enabling isn't required. This easy transition into the Windows Copilot Preview continues to provide robust data protection for both personal and corporate data.



With Bing's chat application for enterprises, the user experience remains similar to the existing version. It provides extra assurance each time a prompt appears that your corporate and personal data are safe. It's all about making work conversations secure.

From an IT perspective, data protection and compliance elements are "beneath the surface," so your organization's chat data isn't stored. This privacy and data protection measure ensures that Microsoft doesn't have any access or use the data for other purposes such as training AI models.

So, how is Bing's commercial chat application different? Its foundation is in web data – providing comprehensive, verifiable answers with supporting citations. Plus, it delivers visual answers including graphs and charts and aligns perfectly with AI principles.

If you're an IT admin and want to take control of Bing's chat service across Bing, Edge, and Windows Copilot, there's plenty of documentation available to manage it. Remember, the Windows Copilot Preview is accessible to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel and is gradually being rolled out to the Beta Channel.



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