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Book Opening Animation in PowerPoint
Apr 25, 2024 1:05 PM

Book Opening Animation in PowerPoint

by HubSite 365 about Presentation Process YouTube

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Master PowerPoint: Create a Book Opening Animation Easily

Key insights


  • Discover how to create a book opening effect animation in PowerPoint, perfect for presenting terms or agenda.
  • The tutorial highlights the use of Comprehensive All In One PowerPoint Templates Bundle 2.0 for creating engaging animations.
  • Learn to design pages, punch holes, and add ring binders for a realistic book effect.
  • Steps include adding animations for an opening effect and duplicating prototypes for varied uses.
  • The video is part of the presentation offerings by Ramgopal’s PowerPoint Mastery Training Program.

Understanding PowerPoint Animation: The Book Opening Effect

The book opening effect in PowerPoint is an innovative way to captivate your audience's attention at the beginning of your presentation. It mimics the action of opening a book, transitioning seamlessly into the core content you wish to convey. This animation effect is not only visually appealing but also sets a narrative tone, inviting your audience into the 'story' of your presentation. 

Creating an Interactive Book Opening Effect in PowerPoint

This you_tube_video, presented by Presentation Process YouTube, expertly guides viewers through creating an interactive book opening effect animation using PowerPoint. It is highlighted as a versatile tool for presenting various content such as terms, definitions, or agendas. The featured templates are part of the Comprehensive All In One PowerPoint Templates Bundle 2.0.

Main Steps for the Animation

  • Design Page & Content Setup
  • Punch Holes & Add Ring Binder for realism
  • Add Animations for the Opening Effect

In-depth explanations of these steps ensure anyone can follow along and implement the animation in their presentations. The step-by-step guide starts with designing the page and content, followed by adding punch holes and a ring binder for a more realistic look. It then delves into adding animations to create the opening effect. Multiple prototypes are duplicated to refine the animation, with open animation templates provided for easy application.

Additional Resources and Products

The video also introduces other products from the Presentation Process, including the PowerPoint Mastery Training Program and various templates and training materials. It mentions recommended products for enhancing presentations, like video editing software, graphic design tools, and stock photos. Affiliate links are provided for those interested in purchasing the mentioned products, which supports the channel at no extra cost to the buyer.


Arte and Ramgopal, the creators behind the Presentation Process YouTube channel, frequently update their channel with new videos. They aim to assist viewers in impressing their colleagues and bosses with high-quality presentations, thereby positively impacting their business and career. They encourage viewers to subscribe and hit the notification bell to stay updated with their latest content.


PowerPoint - Create Stunning Book Opening Animation in PowerPoint


People also ask

How do I make my PowerPoint open like a book?

For a book-like appearance in PowerPoint, split the slide into two equal sections by drawing a vertical line at the center. Navigate through Arrange > Align > Align Center on the top menu to accurately position your line, transforming your slide into a dual-page layout.

How do you add an entrance animation in PowerPoint?

Initiate animations by selecting the desired text or object, then move to the Animations tab to choose from the gallery. Entrance animations are indicated with a green icon, emphasis with yellow, and exits with red. Certain animations also offer Effect Options for additional directional control.

How do you make a booklet in PowerPoint?

To craft a booklet in PowerPoint, locate the booklet printing option within the print settings. This allows you to toggle between single-sided, double-sided, or booklet format for your presentation printout.

How do you trigger an animation effect in PowerPoint?

To activate an animation effect via click, select your desired shape or object, head to Animations > Advanced Animation > Add Animation, and choose the specific animation to apply. This equips your PowerPoint elements with interactive animations, initiated by a simple click.



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