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Latest Updates & Future Plans for Microsoft Whiteboard
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Oct 20, 2022 6:13 AM

Latest Updates & Future Plans for Microsoft Whiteboard

by HubSite 365 about Vesa Nopanen – My Metaverse Day

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Explore the latest updates and future plans for Microsoft Whiteboard, empowering hybrid work experiences in the Metaverse and beyond.

Microsoft Whiteboard Updates and Future Prospects

The digital canvas tool, referred to as Whiteboard, plays a key role in the Metaverse, bringing people together across diverse devices. Microsoft is creating a true Metaverse tool that allows users to interact with the same digital board on multiple devices including laptops, tablets, Surface Hub, and even phones. Incorporating Microsoft Mesh Immersive meetings and the ability to use this tool across different 'verses' will make collaboration even more seamless and versatile.

The exciting advent of Loop components enhancement, as per the roadmap for December, will take Whiteboard to another level. Users can insert these Loop components anywhere within Teams, Outlook, and soon on the Word web version, allowing changes to content across every placement. This decentralised application will enable people to work synchronously or asynchronously from virtually "everywhere," boosting facilitation and workshopping within the Metaverse.

However, the author strikes a comparison with Meta Horizon Workrooms and critiques it for its lack of competitive features compared to Microsoft's forthcoming Mesh Spaces. Despite being work-in-progress, Mesh immersive spaces seem to offer a better user experience than the Meta Horizon spaces. The author hints at improvements in the works for the Metaverse and Microsoft's potential role in revolutionising it.

Also highlighted is the significant progress of Microsoft Whiteboard over the past year, most notable being its ability to integrate with Teams meetings, enabling external attendees to join the same board. Feature additions, such as links and video support, depicted on the author's blog post, continues to make the tool more versatile. They hope that features enhancing the sharing capability with externals outside meetings will be the next to be rolled out.

The Power of Microsoft Loop

Exemplified in a snapshot from Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Loop encapsulates the unifying potential of these tools as it seamlessly integrates with various apps, creating a coherent and enhanced user experience.

  • Text formatting: October 2022
  • Loop Components: December 2022
  • Commenting: November 2022
  • Follow: November 2022
  • Attribution to sticky notes: November 2022
  • Timer: December 2022
  • Save and share user templates: January 2023

These new developments for Whiteboard and Microsoft Loop are a true testament to the continuous innovation from Microsoft, pushing boundaries and fostering connectivity in the Metaverse.

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Whiteboard - Latest Updates & Future Plans for Microsoft Whiteboard

Learn about What’s new in Microsoft Whiteboard today and what’s on the roadmap

Welcome to the vibrant world of Microsoft's digital collaboration tool called an Interactive Board. This article is packed with interesting insights into the tool's latest updates and its future, as shared at the Microsoft Ignite event. This Interactive Board, designed for bringing everyone together, is emerging as an indispensable tool in the realm of the Metaverse.

The Interactive Board can be accessed across numerous devices: laptops, tablets, Surface Hub, mobile phone, and even in the Microsoft Mesh Immersive meetings feature. These various features make the tool a truly Metaverse-friendly application. Collaborators could be physically present in the meeting room and using the Surface Hub, or they might be participating virtually from the Mesh Space – both can view and contribute to the content in real-time. And there's much more to come with the introduction of Loop components to the MS Interactive Board in the December release.

The inclusion of Loop components is poised to revolutionize the Interactive Board experience, facilitating content alteration not only within the Whiteboard, but also other office tools such as Teams, Outlook, and the web version of Word. This innovative integration will blur the distinction between physical and virtual workspaces, making online collaboration truly hybrid.

Contrary to Meta Horizon Workrooms, which still lacks a comprehensive feature set compared to the upcoming Mesh Spaces, the MS Interactive Board is much more advanced. The Meta Horizon Workroom leaves you yearning for improvements, while MS Interactive Board offers a promising vision of productive and engaging collaborative work.

While the Immersive Mesh Space is not yet available, the videos from Microsoft Ignite indicate its launch isn't far off. The potential collaboration between Meta and Microsoft will most likely facilitate seamless transitions between Teams meetings from the Meta Horizon, along with the capability to utilize Microsoft 365 apps and, soon, Windows 365 Cloud PC. This means that Horizon Workspaces might be replaced by Mesh Spaces.

An analysis of the Interactive Board reveals significant progress in its features that have transformed the way team collaboration happens online. One such pivot is the choice of which digital board to use in a Teams meeting, permitting external participants to contribute during meetings. Progressing steadily, one feature at a time, the tool is seemingly unstoppable in its pursuit to enhance its efficacy.

Recent updates to the Interactive Board include the functionality to add videos and links directly, creating a vibrant workspace. Users can add videos from several platforms, such as YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, Stream, Flip, and TED, furthering the dynamic nature of collaboration. Taking interactivity a step further, users can add GIFs to meetings by simply uploading images.

The Interactive Board seems primed to open up new business opportunities through platform integration. Integration with apps like Forms Polls could broaden operational scopes and enhance efficacy. Also, objects such as videos and other additions to the Interactive Board can have Alt Text for a better understanding of the content.

The road ahead for the Interactive Board is even more exciting with Text formatting, Loop Components, Commenting, Follow, Attribution to sticky notes, and others, set to be introduced soon.

To conclude, advancements in technology are redefining collaboration, with tools like Microsoft's Interactive Board playing a pivotal role in this transition. They are merging the boundaries between the physical and digital workspace, fostering a seamless Metaverse.

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