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Microsoft Teams Education Edition - Updates October 2023
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Oct 3, 2023 7:00 PM

Microsoft Teams Education Edition - Updates October 2023

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Unlock new Microsoft Teams features for Education Oct 2023: Assignments, Classwork, Reflect updates, Learning Accelerators, and more.

Welcome to the October 2023 update for Teams for Education, courtesy of Microsoft. The growing community has been integral to the development of new features, and this month is packed with exciting updates.

October's focus ranges from updates in assignments, classwork, user experience in Reflect, improvements in learning accelerators, to general updates in Teams. All these serve to offer a comprehensive and improved learning platform.


New Features in Assignments

A new feature, Mark as Excused, provides flexibility in managing students' assignments. Whether due to a school trip, illness, or leaving a class, this feature allows you to excuse students from any assignment.

Another considerable update is about importing assignment and grade settings across different classes, making the setup seamless and efficient. We have also introduced updated Insights Reports for Alternative Grading Schemes to provide a clearer understanding of students' performances.

Classwork Updates

In response to user requests, the OneNote Section Support feature has been integrated into the Classwork Module. Additionally, OneNote Page previews give a snapshot of the OneNote page before adding, streamlining content selection.

You'll soon be able to reuse modules across different classes, handy when teaching the same or multiple instances of a class.

Reflect Updates

We're introducing a new student homepage in Reflect, which incorporates breaks and encourages periods of reflection during study sessions. For the Staff team, we've improved privacy control settings and check-in options based on common experiences and research.

Insights Updates for Learning Accelerators

The unique benefit of Reading Progress, the auto-tracking of students' reading improvement, has been enhanced with new clickable cards. Furthermore, educators can review an entire class's progress from this platform. Clickable Insights cards are now available for Search Progress assignments as well.

General Teams Updates

Here's the introduction of Town Hall, a concept aimed at facilitating large-scale internal events within institutions. It's designed to be a one-to-many structured approach providing advanced production and attendee engagement capabilities. Town halls will be replacing Teams Live Events, which will retire fully by September 30, 2024.

In conclusion, we are elated to introduce features including Mark as Excused, OneNote Section Support, an improved student homepage and staff experience in Reflect, clickable Insights cards in Reading Progress, and Town Hall experiences. As ever, we are reliant on user feedback and ideas to continue improving the education experience with Teams. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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