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Best App Deployment Tool for Microsoft Intune 2024
May 16, 2024 9:01 AM

Best App Deployment Tool for Microsoft Intune 2024

by HubSite 365 about Dean Ellerby [MVP]

Microsoft MVP (Enterprise Mobility, Security) - MCT

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Discover How Patch My PC Streamlines App Updates with Microsoft Intune!

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  • Patch My PC effectively ensures that third-party applications remain updated in environments using Microsoft Intune or SCCM.
  • This tool integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM), automating the update process for third-party software.
  • It detects outdated software, downloads the latest updates, and deploys them across the network managed by SCCM.
  • For users of Microsoft Intune, Patch My PC offers similar functionalities, maintaining the up-to-dateness of third-party software via Microsoft's cloud-based management.
  • The general usability and integration of Patch My PC with both SCCM and Intune streamline the management of software updates, making it an invaluable tool for organizational IT infrastructures

Understanding Patch My PC's Role in Microsoft Intune and SCCM

Patch My PC is emerging as a critical tool in the landscape of software management, particularly for those enterprises utilizing Microsoft's management systems, SCCM and Intune. Its primary role is to streamline the maintenance and update of third-party applications, ensuring that all organizational software is up-to-date and secure. 

Introduction to Patch My PC
"Is This the Ultimate App Deployment Tool for Microsoft Intune?" This question introduces a YouTube video presented by Dean Ellerby [MVP], focusing on a tool named Patch My PC. The tool aims to help organizations keep third-party applications up to date, especially when they are managed through solutions like Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Intune.

Integration with Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM)
Patch My PC effectively integrates with SCCM, enhancing its capability to maintain up-to-date software across networks. It automates the identification of outdated software, manages the download of necessary updates, and facilitates their deployment. This seamless integration helps in minimizing vulnerabilities due to outdated software and enhances overall system efficiency.

Integration with Intune
In the context of cloud-based device management, Patch My PC extends similar functionalities to Intune. By integrating with Intune, Patch My PC ensures that third-party software updates are consistently managed and deployed within environments that rely on Microsoft's cloud management. This integration supports improved security and performance of devices managed through the cloud.

Expanding on Patch My PC's Role in System Management

Essential for System Security and Efficiency
Patch My PC plays a critical role in maintaining system security and operational efficiency. By ensuring that software applications are always up to date, it prevents potential security breaches that can arise from vulnerabilities in outdated software. This is particularly important in corporate environments where a single breach can lead to significant data loss and financial damages.


  • Maintains software up-to-dateness, reducing system vulnerabilities.
  • Automates update processes, saving time and reducing human error.
  • Supports a wide range of third-party applications, enhancing flexibility.


Support for Various Environments
By supporting both local (via SCCM) and cloud-based (via Intune) environments, Patch My PC provides versatile solutions adaptable to various organizational needs. Whether a company operates on a traditional on-premise system or embraces a modern cloud infrastructure, Patch My PC is equipped to handle its software management needs effectively.

Conclusion: A Valuable Asset for IT Departments
For IT departments that manage extensive networks with numerous applications, Patch My PC serves as a valuable asset. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with different Microsoft management solutions, like SCCM and similar cloud-based device management systems, ensures that IT environments are secure, up-to-date, and running efficiently. This makes Patch My PC an essential tool in the arsenal of modern IT departments striving for operational excellence.

Focusing on Broader Application Management Tools

As businesses continue to rely heavily on a variety of software applications, the need for effective management tools becomes increasingly essential. Tools like Patch My PC exemplify how integration with popular management systems can streamline the process of software updates. This not only boosts security but also ensures that the infrastructure operates without disruptions caused by software issues.


Intune - Best App Deployment Tool for Microsoft Intune 2024


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Answer: "Intune includes a command-line interface that allows for scripting to silently (without user interface) execute and manage the deployment of one or more packages."

What kind of tool is Microsoft Intune?

Answer: "Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution that facilitates user access to organizational resources and streamlines the management of applications and devices, encompassing mobile devices, desktops, and virtual endpoints."

What is the difference between SCCM and Intune?

Answer: "SCCM stores all organizational data within an on-premises database while Intune, as a cloud-based solution, allows for remote mobile device management. Unlike Intune, SCCM's licensing costs are volume-based and do not vary with the number of users being managed."

What is the difference between MDM and Intune?

Answer: "The primary distinction is that MDM for Office 365 is specific to managing Office 365-related scenarios, whereas Intune provides broader coverage to manage all applications and data facilitated by Azure Active Directory, including those on devices that support modern authentication."



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