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Microsoft 365 - Why are You NOT Using These Apps?
Microsoft 365
Oct 3, 2023 12:00 PM

Microsoft 365 - Why are You NOT Using These Apps?

by HubSite 365 about Andy Malone [MVP]

Microsoft 365 Expert, Author, YouTuber, Speaker & Senior Technology Instructor (MCT)

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Enhance your productivity with lesser-known Microsoft 365 apps like Power Automate and Microsoft Visio - unlock potential today!

Renowned author Andy Malone [MVP] posted a video on YouTube, enlightening the viewers on the untapped potential of various Microsoft 365 apps. The video primarily focuses on how Microsoft 365 is commonly identified with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, undermining the productivity of other applications in its suite.

These other apps, although included in the user subscriptions, often remain unused. Despite their potential to boost productivity and encourage collaboration and engagement, many remain unaware of their benefits. The video, therefore, urges viewers to explore these apps and maximize utilization.

Andy's presentation takes viewers on a guided tour into the depths of Microsoft 365. He talks about some fantastic apps such as Power Automate, Microsoft Lists, and Microsoft Visio, accentuating their merits to ignite viewers' interest. The video implies that if viewers aim to elevate their productivity level, this session is not to be missed.


In terms of the video's timeline, the introductory phase begins at mark 00:00. The Microsoft Visio introduction starts at 02:15 mark, followed by a discussion about its licensing options at 03:55. Next, Malone illustrates how to create a Visio project from scratch, which commences at 05:07.

  • Microsoft Visio: The speaker introduced Microsoft Visio, a powerful business diagramming tool, at 02:15. This introduction is followed by an exploration of various licensing options and a demonstration on how to start using Visio from scratch.
  • Microsoft Lists: Starting at 08:20, the speaker introduces Microsoft Lists, a Microsoft 365 app that helps users track information and organize work. Templates of Microsoft Lists are also discussed here.
  • Power Automate: At 11:31, there's an introduction to Power Automate, an online workflow service that automates actions across the most common apps and services.
  • Microsoft Stream: Finally, video production with the new Microsoft Stream, an enterprise video service which enhances collaboration and productivity, is discussed starting from 14:19.

The video tour concludes with some insights into video production using the new Microsoft Stream, beginning at 14:19, and wraps up with conclusions and next steps at 16:53. These time codes help viewers navigate the video content, enabling them to proceed directly to sections that pique their interest.

Expanding on the Topic

Microsoft 365 is not merely a collection of traditional apps. It's a productivity powerhouse that marries a range of collaborative, creative, and enterprise-level applications. Power Automate, Microsoft Lists, and Microsoft Visio are just a few lesser-known yet potent tools within the suite.

Power Automate, for instance, brings automation into everyday tasks, eliminating repetitive processes and freeing up valuable time. Simultaneously, Microsoft Lists organizes work, tracks information, and builds productive, efficient workflows.

Microsoft Visio, on the other hand, emphasizes the visual aspect of data, with diagrams and visuals to simplify complex information. Understanding and leveraging these apps can redefine one's productivity boundaries and open up new dimensions in their workflow regime.

Learn about Microsoft 365 Why are You NOT Using These Apps?

In the YouTube video entitled "Microsoft 365 - Why are You NOT Using These Apps?", the speaker emphasizes how Microsoft 365 suite is more than just Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The speaker explores the potential of several other impressive apps, like Power Automate, Microsoft Lists, and Microsoft Visio. The speaker details how these apps, which are already part of a purchased Microsoft 365 plan, can significantly increase productivity, enhance engagement, and foster better collaboration.

The video format is a session where the speaker takes viewers into the inner workings of Microsoft 365 and its lesser-known apps. Despite being paid for by users, these apps are frequently overlooked. By utilizing them more, users can enormously improve their productivity along with their skills of engagement and collaboration.




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