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Microsoft Power Automate: Innovative AI Solutions & Approaches
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Oct 19, 2022 9:04 PM

Microsoft Power Automate: Innovative AI Solutions & Approaches

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Unlock the power of AI with Microsoft Power Automate: Streamline business processes, transform data, automate workflows, and enhance communication.

The author discusses Innovative AI Solutions with Microsoft Power Automate and its latest features, particularly its next-level advancements powered by an AI assister. The system allows users to verbally outline an automation process, which the AI quickly constructs. The tool used here is OpenAI Codex, an AI model descendant of GPT-3 trained to convert spoken instructions into code, and it is adapted from GitHub Copilot and Power Applications Ideas. Visit to understand similar AI constructs from Microsoft.

The next advancement in Power Automate is a tool that simplifies the process of writing expressions by allowing users to format data by providing examples. This functionality is mirrored in Power Apps Ideas. Further innovation has been witnessed in AI Builder that drastically heightens intelligence in an organization's workflow. In the AI Builder, the esteemed feature remains the document processing functionality that significantly cuts tedious manual processing time.

The update introduces Intelligent Document Processing for more enhanced quality. This technology handles unstructured documents, extracts relevant data, and can process documents in a plethora of languages. Also, an impressive feature 'Feedback Loop' allows users to flag documents with low confidence scores for retraining the model towards better accuracy. Power Automate’s integration extends into bots with a tool expected to shortly incorporate more advanced functionalities.

Interesting updates towards automating the SAP system have been detailed. These include a new downloadable pre-built SAP Integration solution that aids streamlining and automating the workflows in SAP. Excitingly, Power Automate has now been incorporated directly into Excel Online, making repetitive tasks such as data entry, data manipulation, and reporting easier. The Excel Online tool has more integrations for automating tasks with other popular apps such as Microsoft Forms and SharePoint.

General Topic Overview - Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation represents the next phase in automation technology, combining foundational technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create smarter business processes. This technology offers more than simple automation, with features that range from understanding and learning patterns to making independent decisions. It does this by fusing rule-based tasks and cognitive understanding with decision-making abilities.

Businesses can use Intelligent Automation to fully or partially eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, thereby boosting operational efficiency. Other usages include service desk automation, IT process automation, and document-processing automation. Implementing Intelligent Automation can help businesses improve accuracy, productivity, customer satisfaction, and security.

However, for successful implementation, businesses need to invest not just in the right Intelligent Automation tools, but also in employee education and change management. They should also have a solid data management strategy in place since Intelligent Automation, like all AI technologies, is highly dependent on data quality.

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AI + Machine Learning - Microsoft Power Automate: Innovative AI Solutions & Approaches

Learn about Innovative AI Solutions with Microsoft Power Automate: New Approaches

In recent years, Microsoft has introduced numerous innovative AI and machine learning solutions, particularly through Microsoft Power Automate. Unveiled at Microsoft Ignite 2022, these innovations empower both novice and experienced coders to automate and scale enterprise-wide processes with AI.

One such innovation is the introduction of AI-powered copilots in the creation of flows, the foundation of Power Automate. Users describe what they want to automate in a sentence, and the AI builds the flow within seconds. This copilot, built on OpenAI Codex, effectively translates natural language to code to create cloud flows.

Another key update involves making it easier for users to format data. Instead of writing complex expressions to manipulate their data, users can now format data by examples. The AI copilot takes the example provided and generates the relevant expression formula.

Enhancements have also been made in AI Builder, a key component of Microsoft Power Platform, providing out-of-the-box solutions to add intelligence to workflows. One significant improvement is in Intelligent Document Processing, where Microsoft has enhanced its support for unstructured documents, and it allows multi-page table extraction in an unprecedented 164 languages.

Simultaneously, the platform announced new areas for automation, including conversation through Power Virtual Agents, SAP system connectivity through an enhanced SAP ERP connector, native automation in Excel Online, and embedded experiences in other software via the Cloud Embed program.

New modes of scaling have also been launched, featuring solution kits such as the Automation Kit to manage, govern, and scale your hyperautomation practice. The hosted RPA bots facilitate running unattended RPA at scale and fully hosted in the cloud, making it an efficient way to manage your unattended RPA scenarios.

Finally, Microsoft Power Automate offers support for RPA modernization with strategic partners and prepackaged tools, making the transition to a newer, more effective RPA platform that much easier and efficient.

For those keen on experiencing this firsthand, Windows 10 and 11 users can start automating attended RPA bots for free and a 90-day free trial of everything Power Automate can provide. Explore different licensing plans and enjoy the plethora of resources available on various documentation pages linked in the original [blog post](

  • For those wishing to create flows with ease, visit the [description to flow]( documentation page.
  • If formatting data by examples appeals to you, see the [format data by examples]( documentation.
  • To utilize the latest document processing features in AI Builder, check out the [AI Builder]( documentation page.
  • For information on working with SAP’s complex APIs, head over to the [preview documentation](
  • If you're interested in desktop flows, view the [work with desktop flows]( using code documentation page.
  • And, if you consider migrating your RPA platform, have a look at the [RPA migration whitepaper](

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