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Change The Windows 11 Boot Logo
Oct 28, 2023 2:00 PM

Change The Windows 11 Boot Logo

by HubSite 365 about Britec Tech Tips

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Unlock customization potential with our Microsoft experts step-by-step guide on changing the boot logo in Windows 11.

Customize Your Windows Boot Logo

The YouTube video "Change The Windows 11 Boot Logo" by Britec Tech Tips provides a guide for those wanting to customize the boot logo of their Windows 10 or 11. They showcase the use of HackBGRT, a utility freely available on GitHub. Learn more about modern Windows versions.

While Windows 11 doesn't offer built-in settings to change the boot screen logo or image, this video illustrates how it's achievable using the aforementioned utility. Indeed, the steps provided cater to both newcomers and the tech-savvy.

In a nutshell, you begin by downloading the Boot Logo Changer Utility, named HackBGRT. After opening the execution file in CMD, you add a custom boot logo image via MS Paint. If you're unhappy with the modification, it's straightforward to revert to the original boot logo.

Upon boot logo customization, the application automatically opens Windows Paint on your computer, showing it's HackBGRT logo. The video advises to ensure the user-selected image has a black background, as Windows 11 does not support transparent or white backgrounds.

Changes applied, you close the application, return to the open CMD window, press any key to close it, and finally, reboot your PC to confirm the alterations.

For those who wish to restore their Windows 11 PC to its default boot logo, this involves two simple steps: opening the HackBGRT folder and running the "Setup.exe" file as an administrator, and pressing the "D" key on your keyboard within Command Prompt.

  • Download the Boot Logo Changer Utility from GitHub and extract the .zip file
  • Run the “setup.exe” file as administrator in the CMD
  • Use Windows Paint to add a custom image for the boot screen
  • Reboot your PC to confirm the changes
  • To revert to the original logo, press “D” on your keyboard within Command Prompt

In summary, video assures users that replacing the default boot logo on their PC with an image or logo of their choice is a simple process.

Customization of boot logos is emerging as an increasingly popular trend, affording individuals a fresh means of personalizing their PCs. Whether it's a company logo, a personal emblem, or simply an appealing design that strikes one's fancy, such customization can inject a unique flair into the startup experience.


Step by Step Guide

Are you interested in personalizing your operating system by altering its start-up logo? Particularly, for the latest versions such as Windows 10 or 11? This tutorial is perfect for you as it discusses how to modify the boot logo using a program named HackBGRT, which can be easily located online.

Note, Windows 11 does not come with an inbuilt feature to switch the boot screen logo. Still, the process is achievable with the use of an effective tool. Now let's delve into the step-by-step process of modifying the boot logo on the Windows 11 platform:

Step 1: Download Boot Logo Changer Utility
You need to acquire HackBGRT boot logo changer utility from GitHub. You will then extract the downloaded .zip file on your desktop.

Step 2: Initiate Execution File in CMD
Search and right-click on the 'setup.exe' file within the extracted folder. Select 'Run as administrator' from the options in the context menu. Consequently, a command prompt will be initiated. Upon the launch of the command line, press 'i' key on the keyboard to execute the utility and open a configuration file in NotePad. Once there, resist making changes to the config file and just close the Notepad window.

Step 3: Implement Custom Boot Logo Image to MS Paint
Upon closing Notepad, MS Paint will automatically open. This will display HackBGRT's logo. You'll then paste the image you want as your new start-up logo on the open Paint file. Just click 'Paste', then choose 'Paste from' for this.

A browsing window will prompt you to select the desired image. However, ensure this image elicits a black background, as the latest Microsoft software does not support transparent or white imagery for boot screens.

Following the image selection, adjust the image to the necessary size in Paint. Once resized to your satisfaction, click 'File' and select 'Save'. After all these steps, close the Paint application and return to the open CMD window. Press any key there to close it. Reboot your PC to confirm the changes you've made.

If you desire to revert to the original OS boot logo, the process is quite straightforward. In the HackBGRT folder, right click 'Setup.exe' file. Choose 'Run as administrator' to open Command Prompt. From there, simply press the 'D' key to restore the original boot logo. Eradicating the HackBGRT software from your PC will require pressing the 'R' key on your keyboard.

In conclusion, you are now equipped to customize your PC's start-up logo to align with your personal preferences. This easy-to-follow procedure provides the flexibility to make the Microsoft OS boot logo more individualized and appealing.


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