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Updated default paste option in Word for Windows
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May 7, 2024 11:53 PM

Updated default paste option in Word for Windows

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Revolutionize Your Word Docs: New Merge Formatting Paste Option Elevates Efficiency!

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  • Updated default paste option in Word for Windows allows for easier formatting when pasting content.
  • Users now prefer the Merge Formatting option as the default setting for pasting from other programs.
  • Merge Formatting retains meaningful formatting while matching the destination document's style.
  • The Paste Options feature includes several choices to control the look of pasted content.
  • This feature is available for Word for Windows users running Version 2405 (Build 17624.15020) or later.

Word's New Paste Options

In response to user feedback, Microsoft Word for Windows has introduced a significant update to its paste functionality, aiming to streamline the process of incorporating content from various sources into Word documents. Traditionally, users faced challenges with formatting inconsistencies when pasting content, which could lead to extended periods spent adjusting the newly added material to match the document's overall style. This update focuses on enhancing user experience by making the Merge Formatting option the default paste setting. The intention is to save users time by automatically adjusting the pasted content to complement the existing document style while preserving essential formatting attributes like bold and underline.

The update provides several paste options: Keep Source Formatting, Merge Formatting, and Keep Text Only, each catering to different user needs depending on the desired outcome. While Keep Source Formatting maintains the original appearance of the content, Merge Formatting adapts the pasted material to match the document's look, offering a balance between consistency and retaining meaningful formatting. Alternatively, Keep Text Only simplifies the pasted content to plain text, stripping away all formatting.


Microsoft listened and have implemented "Merge Formatting" as the new default. This option merges the pasted content's formatting with your document's style, simplifying the integration of new text.


To try it, copy content from a browser or another program (except another Word document), and paste it into your document. You'll notice that "Merge Formatting" is now used, which maintains meaningful formatting like bold or list structure, but adapts to match your document’s style.

  • "Keep Source Formatting" maintains all original formatting from the source.
  • "Merge Formatting" adjusts the pasted content to match the formatting of your document while keeping key formatting elements.
  • "Keep Text Only" removes all formatting, leaving just the text.

You can select different paste options after pasting by using the Paste Recovery Floatie. To revert to "Keep Source Formatting," navigate to File > Options > Advanced > Cut, copy, and paste.


This new default is available for Word for Windows users running Version 2405 (Build 17624.15020) or later. However, setting a default paste option is not possible in Word for the web or Mac.

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People also ask

How do I change the default paste settings in Word?

Answer: To modify the default settings so that all pasted content automatically matches your preferred style, such as unformatted text or the same formatting as the surrounding text, navigate to Word's paste settings.

How do I get my paste options back on Word?

Answer: To restore your paste options in Word, simply refer back to the application itself.

Where did my paste options go?

Answer: To troubleshoot the disappearance of your paste options in Word, proceed to File > Options > Advanced. Within the 'Cut, copy and paste' section, ensure the 'Show Paste Options button when content is pasted' selection is activated.

How do I paste normal in Word?

Answer: When looking to paste text in Word without carrying over its original formatting, position your cursor at the desired insertion point and use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V (or Cmd + Shift + V on Mac), which will adapt the pasted content to match the existing document's style.



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