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Customize SharePoint Online Fonts with Brand Center Guide
SharePoint Online
Apr 30, 2024 6:28 PM

Customize SharePoint Online Fonts with Brand Center Guide

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Revolutionize Your Intranet with SharePoint Brand Centers Custom Fonts!

Key insights


  • SharePoint Brand Center simplifies managing and applying brand assets across SharePoint and Viva Connections sites.

  • Users can now easily add custom fonts to SharePoint tenant-wide, enhancing the unique look of their Intranet.

  • The ability to create an Organization Asset Library in Office 365 is highlighted as a key feature.

  • Guidance is provided on how to create and apply custom font packages in SharePoint sites and SharePoint Framework Webparts.

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Enhancing SharePoint Design with Custom Fonts

The SharePoint Brand Center represents a significant leap forward in allowing organizations to customize and manage the look and feel of their digital workspace. The introduction of the ability to add custom fonts across the SharePoint tenant is a standout feature, providing a high degree of personalization for intranets. This enables businesses to align their digital workplace closely with their brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent brand experience across all digital touchpoints.

Creating a uniform brand identity across platforms like SharePoint and Viva Connections not only strengthens brand recognition but also enhances user engagement. The process of adding custom fonts and managing brand assets is streamlined through the SharePoint Brand Center, making it accessible even to those without extensive technical knowledge. By empowering site owners and brand managers with these tools, organizations can foster a cohesive and visually appealing digital environment that reflects their unique corporate identity.

The SharePoint Brand Center is a significant addition to SharePoint Online, providing a centralized solution for brand management. This new feature allows brand managers and other designated users to give site owners the tools they need to customize their SharePoint and Viva Connections environments effectively. The introduction of custom fonts available tenant-wide through the Brand Center paves the way for a more personalized and cohesive brand experience across an organization's Intranet.

Understanding the SharePoint Brand Center

The SharePoint Brand Center is designed to facilitate the seamless integration of custom brand elements into SharePoint environments. By creating an Organization Asset Library in Office 365, users can efficiently manage brand assets and apply these branded elements across multiple SharePoint sites. This ensures a unified branding approach that can significantly enhance the visual appeal and brand consistency across an organization’s digital workspace.

Moreover, the SharePoint Brand Center extends its functionality beyond just the customization of SharePoint sites. It also offers resources like Org Stock Images and Office Templates, further helping organizations in maintaining a consistent brand identity. This multifaceted approach highlights the Brand Center's role not just in visual customization but also in promoting brand coherence across different platforms within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Custom Fonts and Brand Personalization

One of the most notable features of the SharePoint Brand Center is its ability to manage custom fonts. Users can add custom fonts to their Intranet, enhancing the overall look and feel of their SharePoint sites. The process entails creating a font package, applying this package to a desired SharePoint site, and even integrating it within SharePoint Framework Webparts for a more tailored user experience. This capability allows organizations to further personalize their digital space in line with their branding guidelines.

Through its comprehensive tools and functionalities, the SharePoint Brand Center emerges as a pivotal asset for organizations looking to strengthen their brand identity within their SharePoint Online environments. From creating a new Brand Center to integrating custom fonts, it offers a streamlined approach to brand management and customization that can significantly elevate the user experience and coherence of brand representation across a company's digital workspace. Furthermore, the potential for increased brand consistency and the ease with which these customizations can be applied make the SharePoint Brand Center an invaluable resource for organizations committed to maintaining a strong, unified brand presence online.



SharePoint Online - Customize SharePoint Online Fonts with Brand Center Guide


People also ask

"How do I use custom fonts in SharePoint online?"

To integrate custom fonts into your SharePoint site, follow the outlined steps.

"Can you add fonts to Office 365 online?"

In order to incorporate new fonts into the Microsoft Office/Microsoft 365 ecosystem, it's essential to install the fonts directly within Windows. This is because Office applications derive their font list from the system-wide font list in Windows.

"How do I change the theme of my SharePoint site?"

Altering the visual appearance of your SharePoint site can be done by applying a different theme, which primarily changes the color scheme of the site.

"How do I change the logo in SharePoint online?"

As the site owner or a user with comprehensive control permissions, you have the ability to modify the title, description, and logo of your SharePoint Server site. Navigate to your site and access the Site Settings. Within the Look and Feel section, you will find the option to change the Title, description, and logo.



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