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Boost On-Prem Security with Entra Group Writeback Tool
Microsoft Entra
Apr 22, 2024 11:30 AM

Boost On-Prem Security with Entra Group Writeback Tool

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Boost AD with Entra: Replicate Group Objects & Memberships for Enhanced Governance!

Key insights


  • Enable group object and membership replication from Entra ID to Active Directory to use Entra governance features.
  • Due to channel growth, the author can no longer respond to or read questions; viewers are encouraged to seek help on other websites such as Reddit or Microsoft Community Hub.
  • Key sections include an introduction to Entra group governance, synchronization processes, configuration steps, supported group types, and important considerations like licensing and replication schedules.
  • Editing group membership directly in Active Directory is strongly discouraged to prevent issues with synchronization.
  • Viewers can access additional learning resources and certification content on Azure and other Microsoft technologies through provided links (links are omitted as per instructions).

Expanding on Entra and Active Directory Integration

Integrating Microsoft Entra Identity Governance with Active Directory (AD) represents a significant step forward in managing and securing access across hybrid environments. By enabling the replication of group objects and memberships from Entra ID to AD, organizations can leverage advanced governance capabilities of Entra within their existing AD infrastructure. This integration benefits IT departments by simplifying group management, enhancing security through more consistent application of policies, and facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements.

The facility to avoid direct editing of group memberships within AD underscores the importance of maintaining a single source of truth for identity and access management. It also highlights the sophistication of the synchronization mechanism between Entra and AD, ensuring that any changes made in the cloud-based Entra environment are accurately reflected in the on-premises AD, thus avoiding conflicts or discrepancies that could impact user access or security.

For organizations running on Microsoft ecosystems, the integration between Entra and AD provides a seamless experience that combines the best of both worlds. It enhances not only the governance and security of access management but also offers a clear pathway for entities embracing digital transformation while still relying on on-premises infrastructure. The detailed steps to configure this integration, as highlighted in the discussed video, ensure that IT professionals can implement these features without hindrance, thereby optimizing their hybrid identity governance framework.



In a recent YouTube video by John Savill, an MVP for Microsoft, viewers are introduced to the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Entra’s governance features. This executive summary dives into the essence of the video, outlining its key points and providing a structured analysis for easier understanding. The primary focus of the video is on leveraging Microsoft Entra to enhance on-premises governance through group object and membership replication.

Introduction to Microsoft Entra’s Capabilities
The video opens with an overview of Microsoft Entra’s group governance capabilities. It effectively demonstrates how enterprises can extend the Entra governance features to their on-premises Active Directory (AD) environments. This integration is designed to streamline the management of group objects and memberships, ensuring a cohesive operation between cloud services and on-premises Active Directory.

Implementation and Technical Insights
Further, John Savill delves into the technical specifics of setting up and synchronizing identities. Topics such as synchronization processes, source of authority considerations, and group writeback from Microsoft Entra to Active Directory are addressed. The explanation on how synchronization works is straightforward, highlighting the importance of understanding the source of authority for efficiently managing user identities and access.

Key Considerations and Best Practices
Critical aspects such as group types supported, configuring the target container in AD, scope filters, and attribute mappings are detailed. The video emphasizes the necessity of adhering to best practices, especially the advisory against editing membership information directly in Active Directory, to avoid potential conflicts or synchronization issues. It concludes with insights on replication schedules, necessary prerequisites, and licensing requirements for implementing this setup.


Microsoft Entra - Boost On-Prem Security with Entra Group Writeback Tool


People also ask

Which type of groups can be written back from Azure AD to your on-premises Active Directory?

In the context of synchronizing cloud-based groups with on-premises Active Directory through Microsoft Entra, it is allowed to choose the type of group to be written back, including options such as a security group, a distribution group, or a mail-enabled security group. This is specified in the Target writeback type column for a Microsoft Entra Microsoft 365 group.

How does group writeback work?

Group Writeback is a functionality that facilitates the synchronization of Microsoft 365 groups from the cloud to the on-premises Active Directory, leveraging Microsoft Entra Connect Sync. This feature is particularly useful for administrating cloud-based groups while simultaneously managing access to applications and resources located on-premises.

What is the new cloud sync group writeback feature?

The advent of provisioning agent 1.1. 1370.0 introduces a new capability to Cloud Sync, allowing for group writeback. This innovation empowers Cloud Sync to directly provision groups into the on-premises Active Directory environment, thereby streamlining the management of group memberships across cloud and on-premises directories.

Which choice correctly describes Microsoft Entra ID?

Microsoft Entra ID is recognized as a cloud-first identity and access management service, providing a gateway for employees to access a multitude of external resources. These resources encompass services such as Microsoft 365, the Azure portal, and a broad array of SaaS applications, simplifying access management across an extensive suite of tools and platforms.



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