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Viva Answers Update Feb. 2024: Whats New & Improved
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Feb 26, 2024 7:30 PM

Viva Answers Update Feb. 2024: Whats New & Improved

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Boost Workplace Efficiency: Discover Whats New in Answers in Viva for 2024

Key insights


  • Integration of Answers in Viva Engage communities enhances the community experience by leveraging collective intelligence for problem-solving and reduces duplicate questions through features like ‘Best Answer’.
  • Answers to the Copilot companion app enrich AI with verified employee-sourced information, contributing to Copilot’s knowledge base and allowing real-person verification of Copilot responses.
  • Expansion of Answers content across Microsoft 365 search locations, including and Bing at Work, boosting the visibility and accessibility of information.
  • Introduction of the Answers Intelligent Importer simplifies adding content to Answers by creating Q&A pairs from documents, enhancing knowledge management.
  • The inclusion of code snippets in Viva Engage posts and replies caters to technical communities, improving clarity in code discussions.
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Transforming Workplace Knowledge Discovery

In today's hybrid work environment, accessing the right information swiftly is crucial for productivity. Answers in Viva targets this exact challenge by streamlining the process of discovering answers to repetitive questions, connecting users to necessary knowledge or expertise directly within their workflow. Leveraging artificial intelligence and community-generated content,

Answers has evolved to become a core component of the Viva Engage platform, deeply integrated within Microsoft 365. It not only fosters community engagement by promoting collaborative problem-solving but also significantly reduces informational redundancy. The tool's integration with Copilot further enhances its utility by feeding verified, employee-sourced knowledge into AI models, thus enabling users to ascertain the reliability of AI-generated responses.

The introduction of technical features like code snippets underscores Microsoft’s commitment to addressing the specific needs of various professional communities within the ecosystem. As the platform progresses, its enhanced knowledge discovery and management capabilities are poised to redefine how organizations leverage internal expertise and information assets.


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Answers in Viva: 2024 Update - We developed Answers in Viva to tackle the modern hybrid workplace's challenge: quickly connecting to the necessary information, person, or conversation for your work. Our goal was to minimize work interruptions by automating the discovery of repetitive questions and answers, thereby facilitating employees' access to the knowledge they need as they work.

Since its launch in February 2023, Answers in Viva has seen significant interest from customers facing these challenges. Over the past year, Microsoft has enhanced Answers by integrating it with Viva Engage communities and expanding its availability within Microsoft 365 and the upcoming Copilot. We're excited about what the future holds for Answers in Viva and are keen to share the latest developments and what's next.

Integration with Viva Engage Communities
Bringing Answers into Viva Engage communities has been a major advancement. This integration allows community members to utilize the collective intelligence of their organization to find answers, connect with experts, and collaboratively solve problems. Starting this month, Microsoft will also index existing community questions into Answers, improving access to immediate answers and reducing duplicate questions.

  • Immediate answers to nearly 25% of questions by directing users to existing similar questions.
  • The 'Best Answer' feature automatically identifies the correct answer, streamlining community support.
  • Available for both public and private communities, ensuring sensitive information remains accessible only to authorized users.

Enhancements in Flow of Work and Copilot Integration
Answers in Viva aims to meet users in their workflow, including a companion app to Copilot, enriching AI with employee-sourced information verified by experts. The integration will make Answers a part of Copilot's knowledge base, allowing users to verify Copilot responses with real people for accuracy.

Content in Search and Email Digests
Beginning in March 2024, Answers content will be featured in search results across Microsoft 365, including and Bing at Work. Additionally, users will receive the Answers Digest email, curating relevant questions they might answer, further promoting engagement and knowledge sharing.

Future Developments
Looking ahead, Microsoft plans to empower customers to link knowledge from various systems into Answers, with announcements regarding new Answers MS Graph APIs and connectors to third-party apps expected. Furthermore, the introduction of code snippets in posts and replies in Viva Engage by the end of February will enhance clarity in code sharing and discussions for technical communities.


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"How do I turn on answers in Viva Engage?"

To activate answers in the Viva Engage Teams app, head to the top right navigation bar and click on the ellipses button. From there, select Admin to proceed to the Viva Engage admin center. In the Feature Management tab, you'll find the Answers button, which leads you to the Answers configuration options. Here, you can toggle the Show Engage Experience for your organization on or off.

"Does Microsoft Viva track employees?"

Viva Insights emphasizes data privacy and is structured to avoid facilitating employee evaluation, tracking, automated decision-making, profiling, or monitoring. It importantly does not enable any employee to access new personally identifiable information about their coworkers.

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