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Microsoft Teams will be retiring the ability to load websites inside the new Teams desktop (MC708500)
Jan 21, 2024 11:00 AM

Microsoft Teams will be retiring the ability to load websites inside the new Teams desktop (MC708500)

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Microsoft Teams Retires Website Tab Loading, Boosts Security & Privacy!

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Retirement of Website Tab in Microsoft Teams: Beginning in April 2024, Microsoft Teams will retire the feature that allows websites to be loaded within the new Teams client using the Website tab. This change will see external website links opening in a new browser tab instead.

Focus on Security and Privacy: This update is intended to enhance web security and privacy according to emerging best practices. It also aims to improve the stability and reliability of websites accessed through Microsoft Teams.

Effect on EDU Tenants: Educational tenants will not be impacted immediately by this change. Microsoft is exploring alternative ways to provide seamless web access for students and educators without causing disruption.

Timely Adaptation for Organizations: To prepare, organizations are advised to encourage users to use specific app tabs like SharePoint app tabs, instead of pinning URLs as website tabs. This transition will necessitate adjusting how web content is accessed within Teams.

Not a Universal Change: Teams mobile app users will not experience this change. The retirement of the Website tab is specific to the new Microsoft Teams desktop and web clients.

Microsoft Teams is evolving, and with the planned retirement of the Website tab functionality, it signals a shift towards enhanced security and privacy measures. The precise reasons behind Microsoft's decision to retire this feature are yet unclear, yet it is evident that the company aims to align with current web security trends and improve user experience, particularly regarding the stability of third-party content integration. While EDU tenants are temporarily exempt from this update, other organizations should adapt by utilizing dedicated app tabs. This change signifies an adherence to a more secure and streamlined approach to integrating web content with Microsoft Teams.





Starting April 2024, Microsoft Teams will be retiring the ability to load websites inside the new Teams client when using the Website tab. These website links will open in a new browser tab instead. This is to better align with emerging best practices in web security and privacy while also improving the reliability of websites opened through this feature. Please note that EDU tenants will not be impacted as we are still researching options on how to best provide a non-disruptive way to access websites for students and educators at a later date.


Website Tab in Microsoft Teams

A Website Tab in Microsoft Teams is a way to embed a website within the Teams app. This allows you to access websites directly from within Teams, without having to open a separate browser window. You can also pin website tabs to the top of a channel or chat, making them easy to access.
To add a Website Tab to a channel or chat, click the "+" button and select "Website" from the list of options. Then, enter the URL of the website you want to embed and click "Save".

The website tab will appear at the bottom of the channel or chat.
You can also customize the appearance of the Website Tab by adding a title and a description. To do this, click the "Edit" button and make your changes.
Website tabs are a great way to share information and resources with your team or colleagues. They can also be used to create custom dashboards or workspaces.


Exploring the Future of Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

The forthcoming changes to Microsoft Teams' Website tab represent the platform's ongoing evolution to prioritize security, privacy, and user experience. By migrating web link access to an external browser, Teams aims to provide a safer environment for users to collaborate and share information. This shift indicates that Microsoft is responsive to the growing concerns surrounding digital safety and is proactive in implementing industry-standard measures.

The impact of this update will vary across organizations, with the educational sector receiving special consideration to ensure a seamless transition. The focus now is on promoting the use of app-specific tabs, reinforcing the idea of Teams as a centralized space for team collaboration. As Teams moves towards this new operational model, users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these changes and adjust their workflows accordingly.


Teams - Microsoft Teams Ends Website Loading Feature Inside App

People also ask?

Is the wikis in Teams going away?

As of the latest information available, Microsoft has not announced any plans to remove the Wiki feature from Microsoft Teams. Wikis in Teams continue to be a valuable tool for collaboration and information sharing within the platform.

Is Microsoft Teams being discontinued?

No, Microsoft Teams is not being discontinued. In fact, Teams is an integral part of the Microsoft 365 suite of products, and it continues to receive updates and new features to enhance user productivity and collaboration.

Is Microsoft Teams going to retire?

There are no indications from Microsoft that Teams is going to retire. It remains a key component of Microsoft's vision for digital collaboration and communication in the workplace, competing with other platforms like Zoom and Slack.

Will Wikis be retired from Teams starting January 2024?

As per the current information, there are no official statements from Microsoft about retiring Wikis from Teams in January 2024 or any other specific date. Wiki continues to be a supported feature within Microsoft Teams for the foreseeable future.



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