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Inline editing in SharePoint lists using list formatting
Microsoft 365
Mar 4, 2024 1:00 PM

Inline editing in SharePoint lists using list formatting

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Unlock SharePoint Efficiency: Chris Kent Demos Inline Editing with List Formatting!

Key insights

  • Inline editing in SharePoint lists is enhanced through list formatting, demonstrating significant improvements in user interaction and data management.
  • The session is a practical guide aimed at SharePoint developers and administrators.
  • Presented by Chris Kent from Takeda during the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Development community call.
  • Occasion took place on the 7th of December, 2023.
  • Focuses on leveraging SharePoint list formatting for easier inline editing.

Exploring Inline Editing in SharePoint Lists

Inline editing in SharePoint lists represents a pivotal advancement for SharePoint developers and administrators. This functionality, highlighted in a recent session by Chris Kent from Takeda, showcases the benefits of utilizing list formatting to streamline user interactions and enhance data management capabilities within SharePoint. By integrating inline editing through list formatting, organizations can significantly elevate their data handling efficiency. This method not only simplifies the process of editing entries directly within the list view but also contributes to a smoother workflow and more intuitive user experience. The adaptation of such advanced techniques marks a step forward in the continuous evolution of SharePoint, aligning with modern user expectations and the ever-growing demands of data management in professional environments. The session, forming a part of the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Development community call, embodies a critical resource for those looking to refine their SharePoint solutions, reflecting the integral role of community knowledge sharing in the advancement of technology applications.

Chris Kent from Takeda recently showcased how to use list formatting for inline editing in SharePoint lists in this engaging YouTube video. This practical guide targets SharePoint developers and administrators seeking to improve user interaction and data management. The session was a highlight of the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Development community call held on December 7, 2023.

List formatting for inline editing is a powerful tool in SharePoint, aimed at enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of SharePoint lists. Chris Kent's demonstration highlights the ease of applying these customizations to facilitate quicker and more efficient data handling by users. This method substantially boosts productivity and facilitates a smoother workflow within SharePoint environments.

For anyone involved in managing SharePoint sites, this YouTube video serves as an essential resource. It not only provides a demonstration of the inline editing feature but also offers insights into the broader implications for data management and user experience. The presentation skillfully navigates the technical aspects, making it accessible to viewers with varying levels of expertise in SharePoint development.

Understanding SharePoint List Formatting for Improved Data Management

SharePoint lists are a fundamental component for data storage and collaboration in SharePoint environments. Inline editing through list formatting introduces a direct way to edit list items within the interface, eliminating the need for separate editing pages. This capability streamlines the process of updating list content, offering a more user-friendly approach to data handling.

Chris Kent's presentation on this topic not only showcases the practical implementation of inline editing but also emphasizes its significance in enhancing user interaction with SharePoint lists. By adopting this method, SharePoint developers and administrators can significantly improve the efficiency and usability of their solutions, promoting a better user experience across SharePoint sites.

Furthermore, this video is part of the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Development community call series, which brings together professionals to discuss the latest developments and best practices in the field. Chris Kent, with his expertise and experience, provides valuable insights into making the most of SharePoint functionalities to benefit organizations and end-users alike.

In conclusion, the demonstration of inline editing in SharePoint lists by Chris Kent is a must-watch for those looking to advance their SharePoint development skills. It stands as a testament to the continual evolution of SharePoint as a platform for effective collaboration and data management. Engaging with this content and similar resources is vital for anyone aiming to leverage the full potential of SharePoint in their professional endeavors.


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As an example, you could shorten the title by editing it directly in the list. Simply adjust the title as needed, for instance by adding a question mark, then confirm your changes.

"How to do conditional formatting in SharePoint list?"

In the Format column section, go to Conditional formatting and opt for Manage rules. From there, choose to Add a rule. When defining a rule, for instance, you could select 'If Requires Review' is 'equal to' 'No review', and then apply a mint green color to visually distinguish list items meeting this criterion. Remember to save the rule.

"How do I Format text in a SharePoint list?"

To format text within a SharePoint list item, right-click on the desired list item and opt for the Edit option to open the editing window. Note, however, that enhanced rich text columns cannot be edited in Quick Edit mode. From there, you're free to modify the text to your liking—whether that means changing the font attributes, applying highlights, or using bullet points and numbering, among other formatting options.

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A summary of the best practices for enhancing the visual appeal of a SharePoint list is provided.


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