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Top Copilot Prompts for Effective Teams Meetings
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Mar 12, 2024 8:00 AM

Top Copilot Prompts for Effective Teams Meetings

by HubSite 365 about M365 Experience

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Boost Teams Meetings: Discover Copilots Prompts for Attendance, Key Points, Tasks & More!

Key insights

  • Real-time Insights during meetings include summarizing key points, identifying action items, tracking participation, and analyzing sentiments.
  • Post-Meeting benefits offer a comprehensive recap, including decisions, action items, and a searchable transcript for easy review.
  • Additional Capabilities such as customizable prompts and private interaction enhance user experience and focus.
  • Overall Benefits include improved focus, enhanced productivity, and better decision-making based on data-driven insights.
  • Copilot for Teams aims to enhance meeting productivity by automating note-taking and providing actionable insights.

Enhancing Meetings with Copilot for Teams

Meetings are an integral part of team collaboration, yet they often come with challenges such as tracking actions, summarizing discussions, and ensuring every voice is heard. Copilot for Teams emerges as a game-changing solution, introducing automation and AI to transform the traditional meeting experience. It offers real-time insights, ensuring key points and tasks don't get missed and tracking who participates and how sentiments are expressed. Following meetings, Copilot provides a comprehensive recap, making it easier for teams to follow up on decisions and actions. The tool also includes additional features like customizable prompts to tailor the meeting focus and maintains privacy for interactions. Ultimately, Copilot for Teams aims to improve focus, enhance productivity, and foster better decision-making by providing clear, actionable insights into meeting dynamics.


Create a list of Microsoft Copilot prompts for Teams meetings. It includes attendee presence, speaking durations, entry and exit times, key talking points per attendee, striking points, calls to action, assigned tasks, emotions expressed, silent participants, problem solvers, main problems, and unresolved issues.

The Microsoft Copilot for Teams enhances meetings in several ways. During meetings, it offers real-time insights like summarizing key points, identifying actions, tracking participation, and analyzing sentiments. This helps in making meetings more productive and ensuring everyone's voice is heard.

After the meeting, Copilot provides a comprehensive recap, including all key points, decisions, action items, and it indexes meeting transcripts for easy search. Microsoft Copilot's additional features include customizable prompts for tailored insights and private interactions. Overall, Copilot aims to improve focus, enhance productivity, and support better decision-making.

Understanding Microsoft Copilot for Teams

Microsoft Copilot for Teams is a powerful tool designed to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of team meetings. By automating meeting summaries, tracking participation, and highlighting key discussion points, Copilot ensures that team collaboration is smoother and more productive. The underlying technology captures real-time insights, allowing team members to focus on the discussion instead of taking extensive notes. This real-time processing not only identifies actionable items but also captures the emotional undertones of the meeting, providing a comprehensive overview of the team's dynamics and sentiment. Additionally, its post-meeting features, like comprehensive recaps and searchable transcripts, streamline the follow-up process, ensuring that no critical information is lost. Copilot also offers customizable prompts, giving users control over the focus of the insights collected. Overall, Microsoft Copilot for Teams brings a new level of intelligence and personalization to remote and in-person meetings, making it an indispensable tool for teams striving for peak performance.

People also ask

How do you use Copilot in Teams meeting?

As a Microsoft expert, I refer to the efficient organization of ideas into tables during Teams meetings, a feature that Copilot facilitates. This includes the conversion of discussions into actionable items seamlessly during the course of the meeting.

How do I prompt Microsoft copilot?

In Microsoft Word, you have the capability to refine a selected paragraph by accessing the Copilot feature, specifically opting for the "Rewrite with Copilot" function. Additionally, in PowerPoint, enhancing a presentation slide can be as simple as prompting Copilot to "Add an image of a target with arrows," showcasing the versatility of the tool in document and presentation preparation.

What is an example of a Copilot prompt?

To utilize Copilot in Microsoft 365 effectively, it's crucial to provide detailed prompts. An illustration of such a prompt could be requesting the generation of 3-5 bullet points to aid in preparing for a client meeting, with an emphasis on discussing a specific campaign and focusing communications through emails and Teams chats commencing June.

How do I ask Microsoft copilot questions?

Asking questions to Copilot can streamline workflow, especially when seeking an overview of recent assignments. By navigating to the Copilot side pane and selecting the sparkle icon, users can inquire about leads and opportunities assigned within the last 15 days, prompting a detailed list that supports task management and prioritization.


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