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Take Microsoft Teams to the next level
Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Take Microsoft Teams to the next level

by HubSite 365 about Microsoft

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Discover how to master Microsoft Teams for effective remote collaboration and business process integration. Get more than just meetings!

Microsoft's latest blog post discusses how Microsoft Teams is not only enhancing remote meetings but also enabling digital transformation by fostering efficient collaboration and work practices. The platform reports substantial usage with 2.7 billion meeting minutes per day and 300 million monthly users. However, the crux of the topic isn't just about the substantial usage stats, but how Teams can be utilized beyond its basic chat feature and meeting tool. Decoding a complex graphic, the author suggests Teams can enhance one's ability to manage projects by providing segmented workstreams or channels, co-authorship on documents and facilitating topics related to workstreams.

  • Teams can host task lists, meeting notes, project rosters, recorded meetings and more which are all accessible in one location and viewable by all team members.

  • Teams' collaborative facet stands to be very influential, and while anyone can create a team, it can grow organically if managed properly.

  • Culture might stand as the biggest impediment towards ultimate collaboration, with many still adhering to an individualistic approach, relaying primarily on Outlook and OneDrive.

  • Transitioning from this self-centric perspective to full-on collaboration using Teams requires time, effort, alignment, experimentation, adjustment, and, ultimately, strong leadership.

  • The blog post conveys that Teams is more than just an online meeting facilitator, chat medium or even a collaboration tool. Teams provides a platform to layer business processes into our work context, hence, taking it much beyond basic collaboration.

Key Takeaways

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool for efficient project management, offering far more than its basic chat and meeting features. It emphasizes collaboration, co-authorship, and segmented workstreams, and with strong leadership, the platform can be tailored to fit any organization's communication needs. It also holds potential as an environment for layering business processes, extending its benefits beyond the foundation of traditional collaboration. The embracement of this platform, though, brings about a cultural shift from individualistic work styles to a more collective approach. Also, with its automation bots, Teams is set to revolutionize industries with its responsive, contextual, and streamlined workflow solutions.

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Learn about Take Microsoft Teams to the next level

The blog post focuses on the utility of Microsoft Teams for more than just online meetings and chats. It puts forth the notion that the adoption of Teams, which boasts about 2.7 billion meeting minutes and 300 million users daily, is the start of a successful digital transformation due to its simplicity and ease of use.

However, there might be a possibility of meeting fatigue, overwhelming number of emails and excessive meetings on the calendar. The post suggests considering behavior adjustments under certain guidance, to create an efficient and comfortable work style.

  • Microsoft Teams is more than just a meeting tool - it brings in possibilities of enhancing document collaborations and enriching the material context. For instance, Teams has been used for managing projects where all documents related to a project can be stored and segmented into workstreams (channels).
  • These channels can be used to coauthor documents, add useful task information, take notes, create a project roster and record meeting details. This concept replaces "email tree madness" by hosting everything in a single place, making it visible to the entire team.
  • Teams for collaboration have a significant impact, which can grow if allowed to be self-service. However, it emphasises the importance of staying organised with the contributing factors. This requires time, effort, discipline, governance and alignment across multiple endpoint users.
  • The primary obstacle to Teams collaboration is the hurdle in cultural alignment within an organization whilst moving from an individualistic culture (Outlook) to a collaborative culture (Teams). It suggests that the organization will undergo a cultural shift which requires changing the way we communicate to make it transparent and safe without fear of judgements. This change requires the right set of people for easy transition.

To take it further, it would be interesting to explore training courses that delve deeper into managing remote meetings, achieving digital transformations, project management through Teams and most importantly, courses that guide through the necessary cultural shift in an organization.


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