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General Release Update: Microsoft Teams Premium Now Live
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Sep 26, 2023 3:07 PM

General Release Update: Microsoft Teams Premium Now Live

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Boost productivity with Microsoft Teams Premium: AI-powered features, intelligent meetings, cost reduction. Join the future of collaboration.

Microsoft Teams Premium is Now Available - A Brief Summary

A climate of economic upheaval and flexible work trends has prompted organizations to search for efficient tech investments and ways to re-invigorate employees. They require solutions that can meet the demands of change, \ enhance productivity, and reduce operational costs. Modern tools infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI) present a promising avenue for augmenting productivity at all levels and revolutionizing the way organisations operate.

This possibility is fast coming to fruition. We are undertaking efforts at Microsoft to embed new AI-powered capabilities into our consumer and enterprise products, including Microsoft Teams Premium.

The Microsoft Teams platform is benefiting from continuous innovation. As a result, we're thrilled to announce the general availability of Microsoft's Teams Premium. This new version includes advanced features powered by OpenAI's Large Language Models (GPT) to facilitate more intelligent, personalized, and secure meetings, irrespective of their type.

With a surge in productivity features added to Microsoft Teams in the past year, including over 400 improvements and more expected in 2023, users can look forward to an enhanced working experience. This is true for those needing more from the platform - more advanced features to drive productivity, consolidation of software investments and cost reduction. Teams Premium allows users to manage advanced meeting capabilities and more, all for a low cost of USD10 per user monthly or a discounted price of USD7 for a limited time.

Productivity Bolstered by AI

With a significant increase in weekly meeting times (252%) during the early years of the pandemic, a need for 'smarter, not harder' working methods became apparent. Teams Premium is meeting this need with AI-integrated meeting experiences aimed at improving productivity. With features such as Intelligent Recap, users are provided with automatically generated meeting notes, tasks, personalized highlights, and meeting chapter creation via AI - all these make handling post-meeting processes much more efficient.

Furthermore, users can bookmark certain points in a meeting to revisit later. Timeline markers, unique to each user, indicate when a user joined or left a meeting, and allow them to catch up on whatever they missed. This feature will soon include markers for when your name was mentioned, when a screen was shared, and who spoke during the meeting at what time. In the near future, AI technology will also be used to create meeting notes, key points, takeaways, tasks, and action items for you.

Teams Premium also offers assistance for international collaborations. It offers real-time translation, saving thousands of dollars organizations would have otherwise spent on additional translation services. With this feature, users can just turn on live captions in Teams and get real-time translation in 40 different spoken languages. Meeting participants can then read captions in their own language, making meetings more productive and effortless. Only the meeting organizer needs a Premium subscription for all meeting attendees to enjoy live translations.

Meet Better with Teams Premium

Teams Premium affords greater personalization by allowing organizations to set up meetings in line with their policies and needs. Branded meetings, an exclusive feature of Premium, means that everyone can see your company's logo and colors when they join a meeting. Organization-approved backgrounds and together mode scenes can be tagged along the meeting, thus emulating your company's uniqueness and professionalism during the meeting. Teams Premium also adapts to fit company best practices and policies by using customized meeting templates.

To help keep confidential meetings secure, Premium offers advanced meeting protection with watermarking features to deter leaks. Only content shared and participants brought on-screen are visible to attendees. It also includes options for end-to-end encryption for highly sensitive meetings. Another layer of protection is furnished by Microsoft Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels for meeting options.

Teams Premium Streamlines Client Management

The hassle of dealing with additional solutions, which is a commonplace when managing client appointments, is eliminated with Teams Premium. Virtual Appointments, an advanced feature, allows organizations to connect with their customers and manage the end-to-end customer experience more conveniently, saving time and money.


Microsoft Teams Premium is a full package loaded with advanced features, sophisticated protection, increased personalize, and more exciting offers. It's bound to change the way organizations host events, manage clients, and collaborate internally. Its host controls, improved templates, personalized timelines, integration options, and streamlined management come together to provide a dynamic, efficient, secure, and intelligible meeting experience.

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Teams Premium - General Release Update: Microsoft Teams Premium Now Live

Learn about Microsoft Teams Premium Now Available: General Release Update

Microsoft continues to refine and bolster its Microsoft Teams platform to address the changing demands of the business landscape. Innovation has become the foundation it builds upon especially in its Teams Premium package, aiding organizations in fostering business growth, optimizing operational expenses, and utilizing the power of AI for enhanced productivity and user experiences.

Teams: No Longer a Mere Communication Tool

Microsoft Teams has evolved to more than just a tool for communication. With its premium offering, it now includes the transformative Large Language Models from OpenAI. Meetings can progressively be enhanced to become more personalized, intelligent, and safe with features suitable for individual rapport building, large group discussions, one-to-one appointments, and webinars. Imagine all the premium features that can be utilized for a subscription price of USD10 per user per month.

Revolutionizing Meetings through AI

A key segment of Teams Premium is its utilization of artificial intelligence. It is now possible to have an automatically generated summary of meetings, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights once the meeting concludes. The system also allows participants to view segments of a meeting that they deem important. This innovative feature is made possible by AI-generated chapters which divide the meeting into sections.

Overcoming the Language Barrier

Teams Premium is equipped with translation capabilities that support as many as 40 spoken languages. This spells thousands of dollars of savings as organizations no longer need to hire services for real-time translation. In meetings, participants can now engage in discussions in their own native language.

Adding Personality in Meetings

Aside from its system capabilities, branding can be incorporated into meetings. Teams Premium allows organizations to embody their company's brand and culture in meetings, making virtual communication more personalized.

Keep Meetings Protected

Vital as well is Teams Premium's feature on information protection. Entities would often hold confidential meetings virtually which calls for a stronger security pact. The system aids organizations in maintaining confidential meetings. Watermarking and limiting those who can record are just some of the security implementations to choose from.

Efficient Appointments Management

The idea of ‘Virtual Appointments’ has been brought to life with Teams Premium. Organizational tasks such as scheduling appointments and managing the entire customer experience cycle are conveniently located in a single integrated system.

Raising the Stakes for Hosting Events

Teams Premium is now a one-stop solution for online events. Whether it's client-facing webinars or internal organization-wide training, the system boasts of an enhanced feature set. There are personalized settings for presenters and attendees, a 'green room' for webinar preparations, attendee chat and Q&A, and progressive and automated attendee registration modules among others. All these elements work together to create a seamless event experience for all users.

In Conclusion

Teams Premium from Microsoft breaks down many of the barriers previously held by traditional collaboration platforms. It provides the technology and tools for organizations to better streamline their operations, cost management, and productivity. Indeed, this development from Microsoft illustrates its continuous growth and commitment as a market leader in technological innovation in the face of a dynamically changing global business environment.

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