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New Microsoft Planner Annoyances: Private Plans and Task Management Explained
Apr 14, 2024 1:24 PM

New Microsoft Planner Annoyances: Private Plans and Task Management Explained

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Master Microsoft Planner: Navigate pitfalls & unlock task management secrets!

Key insights


  • Discover new hacks for Microsoft Planner and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Error in setting up projects highlighted as a notable issue.
  • Differentiation between icons for To Do lists and Private Planner Plans is lacking.
  • Explanation on how private plans, private tasks, and the 'Assigned To Me' feature work.
  • Guidance provided on sharing a private plan within Microsoft 365.

Understanding Microsoft Planner: A Deep Dive into Enhancements and Challenges

In an era where task management and collaboration tools are essential for enhancing productivity, Microsoft Planner has emerged as a significant player, offering myriad features designed to streamline project management and team collaboration. However, with the introduction of new functionalities, users often face challenges and annoyances that can impact their workflow. The recent updates have introduced advanced elements like private plans and tasks, aiming to offer more personalized task management experiences.

However, the similarity between icons for To Do lists and private plans has led to confusion among users. Additionally, setting up projects has been met with errors, obstructing seamless work progress. Despite these challenges, Microsoft Planner continues to evolve, providing detailed insights into managing private plans and tasks, ensuring that users are well-equipped to navigate through these nuisances. By understanding these nuances, teams can leverage Microsoft Planner more effectively, ensuring that their project management processes are more streamlined and efficient.


Planner - Overcoming Microsoft Planner Issues: Private Plans & Tasks


People also ask

What has happened to Microsoft Planner?

Regarding developments in Microsoft Planner, an update includes a revised roadmap and enhanced Enterprise Work Management features. Specifically, the beginning of 2024 will see the introduction of the new Planner application within Teams, available for general usage (with the existing Tasks by Planner and To Do app within Teams being rebranded as Planner). Subsequently, the web-based interface for the new Planner is scheduled to be widely available later in 2024.

Can Microsoft Planner be private?

In terms of privacy settings within Microsoft Planner, plans that are designated as public are accessible to all individuals within an organization. Conversely, private plans are restricted, with visibility limited solely to members who have been added to the specific plan.

What are the limitations of Microsoft Planner?

The primary constraint associated with Microsoft Planner focuses on the limits imposed on tasks.

What can I use instead of Microsoft Planner?

For those seeking alternatives to Microsoft Planner, there is a range of competitive options to consider. The top 12 alternatives include ClickUp, Trello, Microsoft Excel, Wrike, Asana, Basecamp,, and Zoho Projects, providing a variety of tools for project and task management suited to different organizational needs.



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