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What's New in Excel (October 2023)
Nov 1, 2023 10:30 AM

What's New in Excel (October 2023)

by HubSite 365 about Microsoft

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Discover the latest Excel updates for October 2023! Enhancements include Automate Work button, Formula Authoring and more across web, Windows, and Mac platforms

Updates in Microsoft's Excel Program

Welcome to a summary of the Microsoft blog article titled "What's New in Excel (October 2023)". Today we will be focused on discussing new features and updates that have been recently rolled out across Excel for web, Windows, and Mac. Some of these features include the Automate Work button, Formula Authoring Enhancements and others.

Microsoft credits the feedback it has received from users as integral in creating these enhancement


Let's delve into each platform's updates:


  • Automate Work Button- This replaces the "Automate a Task" button, extending Power Automate capabilities. This feature enables users to quickly build workflows. Click here for more information.
  • Formula Authoring Enhancements- Simplifies the process of creating and fixing formulas for users.
  • Queries and Connections Pane- It helps manage queries better.


  • Checkboxes in Cells- It eases data entry and reduces errors.
  • Control Data Conversions- This new functionality gives users control over specific automatic data conversions.
  • Web Connector Enhancements- Enhances the Power Query capabilities so users can connect to websites and import data into worksheets.
  • Optimizing Screen Narrator Announcements- The announcements are now reported to be more concise, as well as more customizable.


  • Control Data Conversions- Users can now control default behavior and disable specific types of automatic data conversions.

Microsoft invites users to check if these features are available in their version of Excel. They continue to invite and appreciate feedback from users as it greatly helps in formulating more improvements.

Microsoft extends a hearty thank you to Excel MVPs David Benaim and Bill Jelen for their contribution to the October Excel article.

What's New in Excel (October 2023)
1. Automate Work Button · 2. Formula Authoring Enhancements · 3. Queries and Connections Pane · 1. Checkboxes in Cells (Insiders) · 2. Control Data ...

About Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a software program which allows users to organize, format and calculate data with formulas. It is a highly used and respected tool in many business environments, and its functionality extends to use in a variety of areas such as financial planning, recording expenses, creating budgets and even project management. It continues to evolve with the needs of its users, presenting new updates and features based on user feedback.


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