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Optimizing Dynamics 365 Customer Service with Knowledge Tools
Dynamics 365
Oct 13, 2023 8:19 PM

Optimizing Dynamics 365 Customer Service with Knowledge Tools

by HubSite 365 about Lewis Baybutt [MVP]

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Uncover the power of knowledge tools in Dynamics 365 Customer Service for effective service delivery and agent efficiency!

The insightful YouTube video by Lewis Baybutt [MVP] discusses the prominent role of knowledge tools in Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Ensuring that agents are equipped with the right data about the company’s products and services is paramount. Enter the domain of knowledge tools; engineered to compile vital pieces of information within easy reach on Dynamics 365.

One of these crucial features is knowledge articles, key sources of wisdom that support the processes within this interface. When in operation, other functions within this software allow agents to simplify the task of addressing customer inquiries.

The release of new abilities within Microsoft's product suite, specifically Dynamics 365 Customer Service, extends the reach of agents. Complex search procedures for specific articles are made obsolete. Instead, agents can leverage an AI bot to have a natural language-based conversation. This AI bot offers the answers they need and can even assist in drafting a response to the customer.

Next, the video discusses the process of creating knowledge articles in Dynamics 365. This begins by entering the Customer Service Hub environment. The left-hand navigation bar houses the option to select ‘knowledge articles’. Building content involves either the selection of ‘New’ or, if templates are in use, ‘New From Template’. The content build-out uses either a design tool for rich text or direct HTML input within the HTML tab.

The platform accommodates CSS styling across the HTML file, as an example is shown. A piece of content from a swim club’s site is utilized as a test case, demonstrating how easily the illustration can be moved within the Customer Service environment. This content can be enriched by adding tags, where AI can generate suggested keyword tags and descriptions corresponding to the article's title.

Additional documents may be attached to the knowledge article for related, in-depth content. Once attached, these files appear in the Dynamics platform, and agents can view them in experience mode.

Before releasing the article, a built-in review stage facilitates a review process by another member with appropriate rights in the system. After this procedure, the article can be moved to the publish phase. By setting product associations for the article, it can be tailored to reference specific products or aspects of products.

Finally, the publishing stage of the process is marked. The video then provides a glimpse into a non-AI agent experience in customer service and demonstrates available tools to address queries. The rest of the video presents a direct example of these tools in play, as an email query is addressed in a practical step-by-step demonstration.

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Knowledge-Based Tools In Focus

Knowledge-based tools within customer service professionals' reach enhance productivity and service efficiency. Combining intelligence and automation, these tools, provided by leading tech developers like Microsoft, revolutionize service delivery. Customizable, extensive knowledge repositories can now be navigated with ease, making data access fast and accurate. As AI takes the service-centric industry a step forward, these tools promise a future where service delivery excellence becomes an achievable reality for all.

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Dynamics 365 - Optimizing Dynamics 365 Customer Service with Knowledge Tools

Learn about Using knowledge tools in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The YouTube video provided offers significant insight into the use of Dynamics 365 (1st mention) knowledge tools in customer service but let's take the discussion a step further.

Understanding the use of knowledge tools within the Customer Service segment of Dynamics 365 (2nd mention), it is integral to deliver correct, organized and streamlined information to your agents. In the world of customer service, time-efficiency and reliable data are of utmost importance. The Knowledge Management tools in Dynamics 365 (3rd mention) fulfil these needs by providing useful knowledge articles and repositories of knowledge data.

Being equipped with this set of competencies makes the process of addressing customer queries more effortless than ever. To spearhead the expedition to proficiency, there are specific training courses available. Make use of the Microsoft-certified courses like 'Managing Customer Service' in the Dynamics platform, and other courses in Customer service for Dynamics could be of great interest.


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