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Cards for Power Apps are now solution-aware for easier application lifecycle management (ALM)
Power Apps
Nov 2, 2023 6:07 AM

Cards for Power Apps are now solution-aware for easier application lifecycle management (ALM)

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Boost your app management with solution-aware Power Apps Cards - revolutionizing the application lifecycle management (ALM).

The Microsoft has introduced a handy update to Power Apps, offering a solution-aware feature for easier application lifecycle management (ALM). Power Apps has been Generally Available since March 2023, and it brings to the table data-rich, authenticated micro-applications, armed with interactive, lightweight UI elements. These elements can be used by other programs as content.

Power Apps' solution-aware cards come with useful updates. Now, makers can construct solution-aware cards for ALM with greater ease. Furthermore, creators can also control access to the cards using Security roles and tech measures such as Data loss prevention policies.

Cards for Power Apps, Generally Available since March 2023, are data-rich, authenticated micro-apps with interactive, lightweight UI elements that other applications can use as embeddable content.

With recent updates, makers can create solution-aware cards for Power Apps for easier application lifecycle management (ALM) and manage card access via Security roles and Data loss prevention policies (DLP).

Creators have several options when it comes to integrating these solution-aware cards into the Power Apps platform. They can create these cards directly in a planned solution, adding the card to the preferred solution list. Additionally, they can add already existent application cards to a planned solution, selecting the desired card and adding it to the solution.

There's also new accessibility control; Administrators are given the ability to use Security roles to specify who is able to read, write, and create cards for Power Apps in any working environment of Power Platform.

If necessary for security reasons, Admins can also disable the application cards' features for all users in a Power Platform environment. This is done by removing permissions for the "Cards Role" to create, read, update the "Card" table, leading to the unavailability of cards for all users.

Power Apps' Makers can distribute cards in Power Automate flows with an application link, which is now controlled by DLP. Find out more here.

Cards for Power Apps overview

Power Apps cards are micro-apps that can be used as content by other applications. They include interactive, lightweight user interface elements, enterprise data, and workflows. Cards can integrate with business data through Power Platform connectors and add business logic through Power Fx since they are a part of the Power Apps ecosystem. Without knowing how to code or handle IT, you can easily create and distribute rich, functional apps using cards.

Power Apps - Solution-Aware Cards for ALM in Power Apps Now Available

Learn about Cards for Power Apps are now solution-aware for easier application lifecycle management (ALM)

Enthralling updates have been introduced to the Power Apps platform that has elevated the ease of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). The introduction of the ingenious 'Cards for Power Apps', solution-aware, data-rich, have been generally available since March 2023, making sure that other applications have the necessary space to embed their content.

The top feature is that the avatars can create solution-aware cards directly in a solution. You need to choose the solution in which you aim to add a new card, followed by electing New > Card.

Furthermore, these avatars can add the existing cards into a solution. Select the desired solution, and then choose an existing card to add with the 'Add existing > Card' pathway.

  • Choose your favorite card.
  • Click on the 'Add' button.

Administration now gets even more comfortable with Power Apps. With the help of 'Security roles, the administrators can control the creation, reading, and writing permissions for the cards of this application platform in any of its environments.


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