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Essential Coding Skills for Effective Software Developers
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Sep 29, 2023 5:54 PM

Essential Coding Skills for Effective Software Developers

by HubSite 365 about Thomas Sandsør (CRM Keeper) [MVP]

Microsoft MVP | Manager Dynamics 365 at Point Taken AS | CRMKeeper | Dynamics 365 CE Veteran | Power Platform Enthusiast

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Unlock your potential as a functional consultant with basic JavaScript for Model Driven Apps. Code is Code, its not just for developers!

Effective Software Developers

Thomas Sandsør, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), has recently shared his viewpoint about coding, particularly about JavaScript. One of his main discussion points was the role of functional consultants in the realm of JavaScript coding within Dynamics 365.

Generally, Sandsør believes that JavaScript proficiency is essential for functional consultants navigating Model Driven Apps. From his perspective, basic JavaScript understanding, such as Hide/Show with a few calculations, is crucial as users expect visual changes in the app as they input data.

Hence, specialists in this field should be capable of selecting the appropriate technology for the job based on their expertise, not according to their limitations. According to Sandsør, this could prevent chaos caused by Business Rules, Calculated Fields, or Formula Column bombardment.

A significant percent of consultants believe PowerFX in Canvas Apps is merely an "Excel formula". However, Sandsør suggests that PowerFX is essentially a professional code, and if consultants accept PowerFX as a Low-Code language, there's no reason not to accept JavaScript in the same way.

He also emphasizes that neither of the two languages is more complex than the other, stating that while JavaScript follows a sequence of actions, PowerFX just results from prior actions. This substantial logical difference between the languages underscores the need for broader acceptance of JavaScript as a Low-Code language.

In reality, Sandsør asserts that JavaScript is simpler to grasp than commonly believed, mainly when used for basic functions like hide/show and simple calculations. He plans to facilitate a better understanding of JavaScript among novices with his upcoming YouTube course "JavaScript 4 Dummies, by a Dummie".

In the meantime, Sandsør also intends to record a series, "Plugin’s for Dummies, by a Dummie". He moots an exciting idea of considering plugins as Low-Code. He further hints at the integration of General Purpose Transformer (GPT), an automatic language processing tool, to help with syntax.

For more in-depth insights into Sandsør's discourse on JavaScript, functional consultants, and Low-Code language, you can visit the blog post here.

Discussion on JavaScript and Low-Code Languages

The debate about Low-Code languages, JavaScript, and their usage is ongoing. Despite the increasing acceptance and adoption of Low-Code languages like PowerFX, many still see JavaScript as a professional code, largely due to its syntax and functionalities. But with the rise of Model-Driven Apps and an increasing demand for visual changes in apps, there is a growing need for functional consultants to understand JavaScript.

Utilizing JavaScript, model-driven applications can perform basic tasks, such as hide/show and simple calculations, making it an advantageous skill for functional consultants to have in their toolkit.

Hence, similar to how PowerFX is perceived as Low-Code language, recognizing and treating JavaScript in the same way could be pivotal to its mainstream acceptance. As a result, specialist professionals would feel empowered in their roles, capable of choosing their tech tools based on their domain knowledge and skills rather than their limitations.


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Developer - Essential Coding Skills for Effective Software Developers

Learn about Code is code – You are a developer! 💯


In today's digital-driven era, the line between functional consultants and coders seems to be increasingly blurring. With the advent of Low-Code platforms, like Dynamics 365 JavaScript, the necessity for non-developers to engage with code has become more prevalent.

Across social media spaces, discussions about code and its appeal or lack thereof for functional consultants stir up a multitude of responses.


When we hear "JavaScript," it's often associated with experienced software developers. But with the introduction of Model Driven Apps via Dynamics 365, functional consultants may also find themselves needing to interact with JavaScript — specifically, basic JavaScript.

The reality is, as functional consultants, we would want to ensure that our application meets the needs of our end-users. This includes having visually responsive updates within the app they are using. Thus, knowing how to use simple JavaScript can be crucial.


Right, JavaScript runs clientside, not serverside. But not all code needs to run serverside. Having an understanding of different technologies can play a crucial role in choosing the right tech for your app's specific requirements.

However, the fear of coding often comes in when the term "developer" is brought into the equation. The question then is: Are functional consultants considered developers?


Well, PowerFX on Canvas Apps makes a strong case for being considered a "developer". Framing PowerFX as "Excel formulas" may lead us to forget that it's not too different from what we consider ProCode.

The syntax for a hide/show function in PowerFX isn't considerably easier to grasp than the syntax for the same function in JavaScript. So, if PowerFX is accepted as low-code, shouldn't JavaScript receive the same acceptance?


Further, understanding the logic of these two languages is also significantly different. JavaScript, based on sequences of actions, may seem more logical and understandable to functional consultants.

Another point often brought up is the difficulty of learning JavaScript. But as it turns out, mastering Canvas Apps can be as challenging, if not more so.


The process of learning is ongoing. Even after years of using Canvas Apps, you can still feel inexperienced. The key is to practice, especially in a test environment.

And yes, JavaScript can appear daunting. But with some practice and application, it can be simpler than initially perceived. JavaScript is increasingly being used for basic functions like hide/shows and simple calculations. The more complex JavaScript functions are now often replaced with other tech like Custom Pages and PCF Components.


So, while you're anticipating the release of the proposed "JavaScript for Dummies," course, why not also consider exploring "Plugin's for Dummies?" After all, who's to say that a Plugin can't be seen as Low-Code?

Regardless of the tech or code you're working with, remember this — mastering any new skill will take time, and occasionally, it can be challenging. But the most vital part of the process is to stay open-minded, willing to learn, and above all, to keep practicing.


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