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How to use Microsoft Teams Town Hall
Oct 11, 2023 8:00 AM

How to use Microsoft Teams Town Hall

by HubSite 365 about Giuliano De Luca [MVP]

Microsoft MVPs, YouTube Creator, International Speaker, Technical Architect

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Master Microsoft Teams Town Hall and maximize your internal or external events. Learn to create, customize, and engage across organizations effectively.

Giuliano De Luca [MVP] has presented a comprehensive guide on how to leverage the newly introduced Microsoft Teams Town Hall in a YouTube video. This successor to Microsoft Teams Live Events is an enhanced platform designed for hosting sizable, either internal or external, activities aiming to foster connections within organizations.

The guide dives into the basics, starting with how to organize a town hall meeting to customizing the event and the subsequent emails to be sent. During an event, organizers and participants interact in real-time, sharing essential content while controlling whatever viewers can see, thereby elevating the presentation level. While attendees automatically join the forum with their cameras and microphones off, they can actively engage through the Q&A section.

Some of the key features being introduced in this fresh Team's experience is the large attendee capacity of up to 10,000 or 20,000 for premium users, and the ability to host concurrent events. In addition, third-party eCDN providers can now support Town Hall, with Office and Microsoft 365 offerings hosting up to 15 events simultaneously across a tenant, expanding to 50 concurrent events for Teams Premium.


What is a town hall?

A town hall is a type of meeting available in Microsoft Teams. Whether you’re celebrating milestone achievements with your org or covering an election, town hall features help you deliver high-quality production experiences to large audiences. Town halls can host up to 10,000 attendees or up to 20,000 attendees with Teams Premium. 


When to schedule a town hall?

  • You’re hosting a large-scale event.
  • You need high-quality content sharing or streaming capabilities.
  • The experience is mostly consumption-based for attendees.
  • You’re providing extensive coverage of an event (up to 30 hours)


The green room feature allows organizers and presenters to connect and prepare with a virtual green room separate from the attendees. Organizer


Is can then manage attendees' view, ensuring they only see shared content and the participants brought on-screen for a polished presentation. Furthermore, event concurrency, event duration, eCDN support, green room, real time- moderation, live translated captions among other features will streamline the whole process. Also, the ability to hide the participant list puts the presenters and organizers in control, ensuring attendees focus only on the shared content.

Among the other amenities being introduced with Town Halls are productive tools like RTMP-in and RTMP-out, which provide seamless integration with external hardware or software-based encoders and allow live streaming to third-party platforms. Furthermore, advanced amenities for Premium Town Halls users include a structured Q&A session, on-demand recording, email communication, and customization, and an in-depth attendee reporting system.



While Town Halls are set to eventually achieve features similar to the Teams live events, there will be several differences in the experience at the outset, such as the role changes or the ability to invite external presenters, which will be launched at the end of October. Also, functionalities like DVR and Viva Engage integration will be rolled out in the coming months.

Considering the advanced features and flexibility, it's evident that Team's Town Halls are set to replace Live Events as the future of virtual corporate meetings, webinars or company-wide town halls. Existing Teams Live Events will be discontinued by September 30, 2024. The new and expanded features aim to make transitions easier for users and create a streamlined and efficient platform, setting the stage for the future of virtual event hosting. For more detailed information, please click here.

Embracing Town Halls: The Future of Virtual Meetings

As companies continue to accommodate remote work situations, finding efficient ways to connect across a space as vast as the internet is paramount. And this is why Microsoft has integrated the new 'Town Hall' feature into its Teams service. Town Hall enables internal as well as external events, providing an effective one-to-many platform for activities such as company-wide town halls, global team meetings, and even fireside chats. Given its advanced production capabilities and attendee engagement methods, Town Hall sets the stage for a novel corporate event experience. Clearly, the digital world of corporate meet-ups is morphing into a more efficient, inclusive, and innovative era.


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Learn about How to use Microsoft Teams Town Hall

The video is centered on Microsoft Teams Town Hall, which is a virtual event space for large-scale engagements within or outside an organization. Understanding how to harness this tool described as the successor to Teams Live Event is essential for seamless remote interactions.

A good starting point would be to enroll in Microsoft Teams training courses. Targeted training modules on using MS Teams and managing virtual events could provide us with extensive knowledge about the platform. This step will help to gain expertise on how to effectively create, customize, join and manage town halls.

Additionally, experience on the Teams live meeting module will offer an advantage as the platform town hall is built on a similar foundation. As changes are made to integrate live event capabilities into Teams meeting experiences, gaining insights on these new changes while familiarizing oneself with the regular teams calling and meeting module can be beneficial.

  • Introduction of Town Hall: This feature caters to internal and external events like company-wide town halls, global team meetings, internal broadcasts among others.
  • Retirement of Teams Live Events: Teams Live Events will remain supported for commercial customers until retirement on September 30, 2024.
  • New features available in town halls such as Attendee capacity, Event concurrency, Event duration, eCDN support, and more.

Being updated on Microsoft 365 group forum discussions and community blog posts can be another good source for information. Here, real-life experiences and various alternative approaches are shared by the community, which can be beneficial for learning.

Lastly, once comfortable with the basic know-how, exploring more advanced features like the professional studio-quality presentations, structured audience engagement features, and RTMP-in/out functions can bring a more dynamic experience to virtual events.

The video under discussion covers a comprehensive list of timestamps mapping various steps involved in using Microsoft Town Hall. This includes how to customize a town hall meeting, customize the event, send emails, understand a co-organizer's perspective, and learn about reports and recordings. Following these steps closely could make one proficient with Microsoft Teams town hall.


Virtual interaction is now more important as teams are globally dispersed due to evolving work circumstances. Microsoft Teams Town Hall makes a significant impact in catering to this need for seamless, large-scale, virtual collaborations and engagements. It is both cost-effective and enables meaningful engagement.

Thus, to seamlessly transition to this new format, increased awareness for Teams users is crucial. This can be elevated through accredited training platforms, consistent practice, keeping up with related forums, communities, and being open to continuous learning.

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of this feature, users can help their respective organizations extend their reach, engage better with audiences, and eventually cultivate a more connected and cohesive remote work culture.


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