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Comprehensive 30-Day Guide to Master Microsoft Power Platform
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Oct 19, 2022 7:12 PM

Comprehensive 30-Day Guide to Master Microsoft Power Platform

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Unleash your potential with Microsoft Power Platform - a 30 day immersive training guide designed for future developers!

Microsoft has introduced an interactive and highly beneficial training program dubbed #30DaysOfLearning born from the joint creativity of its Cloud Advocates. The program is a pathfinder to aspiring developers, providing them the right skills and opportunities necessary to tackle significant global issues.

More than mere rhetoric, this curriculum equips its participants with hands-on skills to address real-world solutions using Microsoft's collection of development tools. It also builds up to the Imagine Cup, Microsoft's paramount competition for student developers. This teaching course places strong emphasis on Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, Power Pages, and one remaining tool which can only be mentioned again twice.

Furthermore, after the learning phase, students can link all these tools together to create a practical real-time solution, facilitating a low-code/no-code development environment that fosters innovation and experimentation.

The 30-day program includes a well-structured and comprehensive learning syllabus. Alongside each day's focus area, corresponding learning resources are linked to ensure seamless access to rich content for optimal assimilation.

  • Day 1 commences with Onboarding Resources
  • Day 2 is slated for Introduction to Power Platform
  • Day 3 centers on Introduction to Dataverse and SharePoint

The following days include learning on Power Virtual Agents, building Simple Virtual Agent Solution, and others. An intriguing part of this initiative is the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program, discovered on Day 7.

The Ambassador program presents a platform to learn, grow, and possibly apply for a coveted Ambassador status. In addition to learning, participants are encouraged to document and share what they have learned, reinforcing grasp and mastery of the topics. There are opportunities to engage in the actual building of Automated Solutions, Applications, and other intriguing projects.

Additional resources are provided to inspire and guide participants in building their projects better. The last few days are geared towards showcasing the Power Platform Solution on GitHub and executing a capstone project to round up the 30-Day program.

More on Power Platform

The Power Platform is truly a delight for Microsoft users. This efficient tool pack makes digital technology more accessible to novices, offering a low-code approach to build innovative solutions. With the help of it, anyone can model their own sophisticated applications, automate workflows and analyze data, leaving a strong and significant footmark in their respective fields.

By learning these tools in the Microsoft Power Platform effectively, users can turn simple ideas into impactful real-life solutions, bridging the gap between ability and opportunity. This program promises hands-on experience, engaging learning, and an opportunity to display your unique skills to the world.

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Power Apps - Comprehensive 30-Day Guide to Master Microsoft Power Platform

Learn about Master Microsoft Power Platform in 30 Days - Comprehensive Guide

If you aspire to become proficient in Microsoft's Power Platform, then the '#30DaysOfLearning' will provide an ideal starting point for you. Curated by Cloud Advocates at Microsoft, this interactive program aims to equip students globally with the necessary tech-skills.

This curriculum seeks to address pressing global problems by harnessing the power of the Power Platform, bringing a chance to students to participate in Imagine Cup, Microsoft's prestigious competition.

The program covers 4 of 5 key low-code/no-code tools, namely Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, Power Pages, and the Business Application Platform. In the end, these various components are integrated to build a real-life solution.

The schedule for this 30-days training provides a list of topics and resources for each day. Day 1's 'Onboarding Resources for #30DaysOfLearning' gets you up and running, followed by an introduction to Power Platform on Day 2. Subsequent days include introductions to Dataverse, SharePoint, and Power Virtual Agents.

  • Day 6 is dedicated to Power Automate, with resources like Microsoft Learn's getting started guide.
  • Day 7 provides info about the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program. Applicants can find the necessary information at the given link.
  • Day 8 implores you to document and share your learning.

Lessons in building automated solutions, Canvas Application, and Model-Driven Application come next. There are also directions for constructing accessible applications using the Power Platform, rounded off with Express Design lessons in App Making.

Days 16 and 17 cover building with Power Pages, followed by lessons in connecting the dots with the Power Virtual Agent, Power Automate, and Microsoft's Business Application Platform. Additional days are set aside for sharing projects and facilitating inspirations from Power Platform-built projects.

Around Day 24, you're expected to work on a capstone project, utilizing all the knowledge gathered so far to solve a problem. Resource links are included to guide you throughout this endeavor.

The training ends with tips on optimizing your LinkedIn profile and a special Microsoft Learn Module to increase your visibility. It concludes with the presentation of the Capstone project, facilitating sharing with hashtags like #ConnecttheDots and #30DaysOfLearningProjects.

All throughout your learning journey, Microsoft encourages you to share your progress on social media using various hashtags, including #30DaysOfLearning, #LearningPowerPlatform, and #ConnecttheDots.

This vibrant, carefully designed program encapsulates the essence of Power Platform, providing a comprehensive guide to mastering this useful tool. The engaging, student-centric approach ensures a thorough understanding, making the Power Platform seem less daunting and more accessible.

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