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Microsoft Power Platform University: Comprehensive Guide
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Sep 26, 2023 9:20 AM

Microsoft Power Platform University: Comprehensive Guide

by HubSite 365 about Lewis Baybutt [MVP]

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Unleash your potential with the Power Platform University Hub - a Microsoft initiative for career-ready low-code skills!

In this informative post, Lewis Baybutt [MVP] introduces the reader to the Power Platform University Hub. This is a joint initiative launched by Microsoft and the Project Management Institute. The aim is to equip students with the practical skills to solve a broad spectrum of business problems through the use of low-code solutions.

Students who participate in University Hub learn not only the technical aspects of low-code solution development, but also gain an understanding of a suitable development framework. In fact, the course sets one up to smoothly transition into low-code careers. While covering these topics, the University Hub takes a synergistic approach by merging technical comprehension with procedural knowledge.

For students wondering why they should take an interest in this course - low-code is one of the speedily growing technology in the contemporary job ecosystem. So, this makes it quite an attractive field to venture into. Furthermore, low-code platforms allow you to create applications expeditiously compared to traditional coding methods.

The Importance of Low-Code Knowledge

With the current market trends, knowledge of low-code technologies is rapidly becoming a vital skill. This is especially because low-code allows swift development of solutions. This means you can quickly see the results of your development. Consequently, it is possible to progress fast in this sector given the high demand for low-code skills. Regardless of your education level or work background, adding this skill to your repertoire augments your marketability in the technology job landscape.

Therefore, if you are a student or an aspiring professional looking for a way to enhance your software development skills, then you might just have uncovered a key pathway into the future of software development. The University Hub offers a mix of technical and less technical approaches to low-code, and endows students with a reliable framework for implementing low-code solutions.

Another appealing aspect of University Hub is that it offers more than a dozen courses, and learners walk away with two certifications. Hence, this improves their employability. On top of that, these certifications can make students more visible and appealing to potential employers.

Employers, too, have a lot to gain from the Power Platform University Hub. It provides a pool of highly skilled workforce from which to recruit. So, if you are an employer and you have a strong partnership with a university, it would be valuable to spread the information about this program. With the skills these learners are acquiring from the courses offered by Microsoft and PMI, they become a formidable force in helping to accelerate low-code in businesses.

In summary, the Power Platform University Hub is a valuable program for students, educators and employers alike. With its holistic approach to low-code learning, it is innovatively equipping the future workforce with much-needed skills to solve modern-day business challenges.

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Developer Tools - Microsoft Power Platform University: Comprehensive Guide

Learn about Power Platform University Hub

The Power Platform University Hub revolutionizes student learning, particularly for those interested in industry-relevant knowledge. It aims to promote the empowerment and growth of aspiring individuals with expanding low-code solutions. Empowered by Microsoft and Project Management Institute, the initiative was born from the idea of unlocking student potential.

The primary goal of the University Hub is to prepare students from a technical perspective. It aims to do this not by simply sharing technical information about Power Platform, but by offering students an understanding of the framework needed for successful low-code development. This includes the chance to complete their course with a PMI CD-Trained Practitioner micro-credential and a PL-100 Microsoft App Creator certification.

The fusion-based methodology of this program helps students to gain their footing in the rapidly growing low-code careers sector. It encourages them to view low code as a potent resource for project management, business analysis, and technical aspects alike.

For students unclear about why they should be interested, the low-code industry is one of the fastest emerging sectors today, promising ample job opportunities. The University Hub helps students develop skills that will catapult them into a career in an innovative, dynamic field. They get the chance to learn how to create solutions faster, enhancing their potential and employability.

  • It's not mandatory to have a 1st class degree or a 2:1. Even without a degree, skills gained from the Power Platform University Hub can make you highly marketable in the job market.

  • Low-code technology offers rapid career progression opportunities. With diligence and persistence, students can quickly move up the ranks, from an internal builder to a consultant, in record time.

Universities stand to benefit from this program as well. The comprehensive curriculum offered by the University Hub focuses on the technical aspect of low-code and helping students understand the framework needed for a project's successful implementation. With over a dozen courses and the emergence with two certificates, students are prepared for work and become more attractive to employers.

Employers too have much to gain from this initiative. With potential staff leaving institutions with more than just a degree, they can leverage these industry-relevant skills to support the acceleration of low-code in their businesses. The Power Platform University Hub is a treasure trove of skilled, enthusiastic individuals, eager to bring meaningful change.

Indeed, the power lies in this initiative to integrate industry-relevant skills into traditional educational models effectively. The Power Platform University Hub is making incredible strides in the realm of low-code career paths and is a must-consider for students, universities, and employers alike.

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