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Microsoft Team - Switching from Wiki to OneNote: A Detailed Review
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Sep 26, 2023 9:28 AM

Microsoft Team - Switching from Wiki to OneNote: A Detailed Review

by HubSite 365 about Anja Schröder (M365Dancefloor)

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Explore the reasons behind Microsofts decision to replace Wiki with OneNote for improved knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Insights on Wiki's End and OneNote's Revival

In a recent announcement by Microsoft, the company has decided to say goodbye to Wiki via its M365 admin center. Enthusiasts are now wondering why some won't miss it and what's expected from the future.

The post by Anja Schröder provides a detailed review.

Wiki was an integral part of Microsoft Teams, designed for clearer transmission of ideas and knowledge. The features were good on paper; a text editor, chat within the Wiki, and the presence of @-mentions.

However, it carried notable drawbacks. Team chats saved wiki pages as MHT files within SharePoint libraries, resulting in non-searchable content neither in Microsoft Teams nor in SharePoint.

Users were also confused as the wiki pages didn't network with each other. The function discussion was often overlooked due to its obscurity, contributing to user frustration.

Another disadvantage was the automatic creation of Wiki. Users found the process bothersome as it needed to be deleted manually, or the company had to introduce a provisioning solution to prevent automatic creation.

Also, meeting notes, despite their potential convenience, rarely saw use due to the lack of searchability. As a result, users turned to tools like OneNote instead.

Starting mid-February, Wiki will disappear from the tenants, preventing new wiki creation. Tabs will not be part of the basic equipment of newly created teams. However, the existing wikis will remain in their Teams channels.

So, what's next? Microsoft plans to introduce a new note-taking system called "Notes tabs powered by OneNote". These will automatically be included during channel creation.

Some users express optimism, hoping the successor of Wiki will be superior and will better integrate with the OneNote environment. Yet, some reservations persist, particularly regarding automatic tab creation. Nevertheless, many look forward to this change. Now it's time for an official farewell to Wiki.

Noteworthy Takeaway

While the idea behind Wiki was praised, the execution was riddled with shortcomings, warranting a change. The replacement, powered by OneNote, might offer a more organized and user-friendly knowledge-sharing tool. As Microsoft bids Wiki goodbye, users anticipate efficient functionality and effective teamwork with the revival of OneNote.

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OneNote - Switching from Wiki to OneNote: A Detailed Review

Learn about Bye Bye Wiki and Hello again OneNote

On January 11th, the Microsoft 365 admin center broadcasted the discontinuation of Wiki feature. It may seem intimidating for some, however, we need to focus on the potential transformation this heralds in. Moving on from manual and automatic deletion of Wiki pages, it's now time to welcome back an old friend, OneNote. Let's delve into the details.

One might wonder the purpose and usefulness of Wiki. Essentially, the Wiki was automatically generated in each Microsoft team’s channel. Its purpose was to enable participants to share knowledge, ideas, and notes lucidly. Features like a text editor, in-wiki discussions, and \'@\' mentions were available to promote team-wide collaboration.

However, the Wiki did have some drawbacks. First, Microsoft Teams stored Wiki pages as MHT files in a SharePoint document library, which weren't searchable on either platform. This failure to fulfill its fundamental goal of providing easily accessible knowledge led to disappointment among users.

Secondly, the absence of a network among Wiki pages perplexed users, leading them to question its practicality when it didn’t function like other known Wiki software. Microsoft Teams' Wiki feature didn’t meet the users' expectations and, thus, failed to deliver.

Thirdly, the discussion function in the Wiki was not user-friendly nor intuitive, increasing confusion among users who commonly neglected or underutilized it. Lastly, despite the Wiki's automatic creation ability being potentially useful, its lack of searchability meant it found little favor among organizations, thus being perceived as a hindrance instead.

So what's the solution? Starting mid-February, Microsoft will discontinue the Wiki feature. The Wiki tabs are going to be scrapped from the default set-up of new teams. It is advisable to transition the content from Wiki to the notebooks in the digital note-taking application - OneNote, especially due to its superior searchability features.

Microsoft’s new 'Notes tabs powered by OneNote' offering is set to take the former place of Wiki. These will be auto-generated during channel creation, providing the team with a note-taking platform. However, crucial at this stage is to observe how Notes tabs merge into the overall OneNote landscape and avoid replicating the pitfalls of the Wiki feature. So, for now, it's farewell to Wiki, and hello again, OneNote!

This sudden, but necessary change may seem daunting, but it is a step towards a more streamlined and efficient information-sharing environment within Microsoft Teams. We hope this brief encapsulation of the transformation and its implications provides sufficient clarity and understanding. Other tools like OneNote, are poised to take Wiki's place, heralding a promising future for Microsoft teams.

It is essential to note that various training courses available provide direction on effectively using the evolved features. Microsoft’s own training center is the go-to resource for learning. It features several useful courses that range from beginner to advanced levels. With the necessary training and understanding, users can maximize the potential of these evolving tools to improve their productivity and collaboration within teams.

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