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Configuring & Analyzing Microsoft Syntex Pay As You Go-Preview
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Sep 25, 2023 8:05 PM

Configuring & Analyzing Microsoft Syntex Pay As You Go-Preview

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Explore the comprehensive configuration and analysis of the new Microsoft Syntex Pay As You Go model in a free public preview.

Paving the Way for Microsoft Syntex's Pay As You Go (PAYG) Model

A significant shift is taking place in Microsoft Syntex's operations. The tech giant is moving towards a Pay As You Go (PAYG) approach. This adaptive usage is paintstakingly billed via a Microsoft Azure Subscription. Interestingly, this PAYG model is in public preview before full rollout, exclusively available for handling Syntex unstructured document processing and pre-built document processing. Find out more about the innovation on this link.

The central idea behind the PAYG release is to familiarize organizations with the PAYG model, forecast their typical use, and estimate future costs based on this consumption model. Even though the prices for Syntex PAYG are expected to release in February 2023, its anticipation is already causing flutter.

On the brighter side, the PAYG structure provides an easier and smoother access to the AI capabilities of Microsoft syntex. It eliminates the hurdle of obtaining individual licenses for every Syntex feature use. This efficiently manages infrequent users who may need to use the AI functionalities sporadically. Alongside, it is beneficial that the billing process is managed through Azure.

Setting up Syntex PAYG

To set up Syntex PAYG, you will require an Azure subscription, a resource group within the subscription, and an Azure storage account for creating usage reports. Note that your Azure subscription needs to be in the same tenant as your M365 tenant.

After creating a Resource Group in Azure, Microsoft Syntex needs to be linked to Azure from the M365 admin portal. Within the M365 admin centre, the "Setup" menu guides you towards the "Files and content" section where you choose "Use Content AI with Microsoft Syntex" and click on the "Set up billing" button. This process will lead towards your Azure Subscription, Resource Group, Region selection from the dropdown menus, after which you can simply hit "Save".

Azure Cost Management - Syntex

Once Syntex is integrated with Azure, it is crucial to configure Azure Cost Management. Here, you will have to create an "Exports" task responsible for automatically exporting your Cost Management report data into Azure Blob Storage based on your specified schedule. The exported data, a CSV file, provides insight into all the cost and usage information captured by Cost Management.

Data generated and filtered by “Microsoft.Syntex” provide insights into Syntex activities, which can be quite useful in detailing relevant Syntex fields such as MeterCategory, MeterSubCategory, and UsageQuantity among others.

Interestingly, the tags attribute of Azure Cost Management' Cost Alerts & Cost Analysis indicates the number of models used and processed, giving admins more granular control.


A move away from individual licenses, the Syntex PAYG will offer wider user access and ensure much smoother adoption. Determining accurate costs and implementing suitable spending thresholds will be crucial for successful implementation, though fortunately Azure Cost Management offers detailed cost/usage monitoring. Syntex PAYG has potential to bring more workloads onboard – an exciting development to watch out for.

Read the full article Microsoft Syntex Pay As You Go (Preview) – Configuring & Analysis

Syntex - Configuring & Analyzing Microsoft Syntex Pay As You Go-Preview

Learn about Microsoft Syntex Pay As You Go (Preview) – Configuring & Analysis

As Microsoft continues to expand and evolve its comprehensive ecosystem of tools and services, one of its most recent developments, Microsoft Syntex, is gaining significant attention. In this blog post, we're going to delve into the new "Pay As You Go" (PAYG) model of Syntex, which is gaining traction due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The implementation of the PAYG model for Syntex aims to familiarize organizations with an adaptable payment model that can match their consumption patterns. This is particularly beneficial for Syntex's unstructured document processing feature. Furthermore, the introduction of this model means that users will only pay for what they use, bringing the product to a larger user base who might have found per user licensing prohibitive in the past.

As the offerings and features expand, it also becomes a necessity to efficiently manage costs and have a clear understanding of the usage. This is where Azure Cost Management (ACM) comes in. With comprehensive tools for reporting, monitoring, and setting up alerts, ACM helps to keep tabs on usage and spending, allowing businesses to stay within their budgets while utilizing the features optimally.


Setting up Syntex PAYG requires an Azure subscription, an Azure resource group within that subscription, and an Azure storage account if you plan on creating usage report data. As per Microsoft's guidance, it is crucial to have the Azure subscription within the same tenant as your Microsoft 365 (M365) tenant. Once the subscription is transferred, a Resource Group can be created in Azure, which is then linked to Syntex, enabling billing through Azure.

After setting up the billing, Azure Cost Management comes into play for setting up exports of Cost Management report data. This includes all cost and usage information collected by Cost Management. Within the Azure Cost Management page, these can be set up, scheduled, and exported in a CSV format which can then be filtered to display only the AI tool's entries.


Once the usage data is collected from Syntex and exported through Azure Cost Management, users can begin analysing the data in the report. The report generated is then filtered by the consumedService field with "Microsoft.Syntex" showing the relevant AI tool fields, including MeterCategory, UsageQuantity, and Tags, among others. Tags, in particular, provide valuable insight into the usage of each library for Syntex activity.

One more crucial feature provided by Azure is the ability to create cost alerts for a specific library using the Tags attribute. This feature lets companies manage their budget by sending alerts or triggering an action if there is a surge of usage in a particular department's site or library.


The introduction of the PAYG model for Microsoft's AI tool is expected to provide organizations with more flexibility in their usage and pave the way for widespread adoption. However, to ensure smooth operation, it's crucial to have a good guidance system including usage calculators, accessing reporting, implementing spending thresholds and more. Thankfully, Azure Cost Management comes equipped with all this, letting businesses control costs and monitor usage efficiently. This setup empowers organizations to get a clear baseline of Syntex usage and prepares them for a future consumption model, making it easier to manage costs and understand usage patterns.

In conclusion, Syntex PAYG offers a beneficial and flexible method of using Syntex's features while maintaining control over costs and usage. It is undoubtedly an exciting development in the Microsoft ecosystem that users should look forward to exploring.

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