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Power Apps Launcher 2.0
Dec 15, 2022 7:00 AM

Power Apps Launcher 2.0

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Using this app user can access the all the Power Apps shared with them. The app created by PowerAppsforMaker connector.

Power Apps Launcher 2.0

Few days back I have created Power Apps Launcher. Using that app you can get all the app along with QR code. You can scan the code and get the app on your mobile.

Today I have created Power Apps Creator Kit flavoured UI. It looks rich and better than earlier. Few highlights is here:

  1. QR Code for every app
  2. Drop Shadow Effect for Header
  3. Used panel to get more space on the screen
  4. The button looks like same as you can see home page
  5. Rest of the features are same like, filter with Environments, Sort with App name, last used or favourite. You can also see the count of the apps which you have access.

You can downlod the solution from here:

I have uploaded the solution and the previous app too. If you are importing the solution in your tenant then please import creator kit core in the same environment (if you have not done yet). If you don't want to hassle of all this then just import the stand alone app.

Note: Updated the App with QR Code. Also uploded Power App Solution with Creator Kit based UI. Please install Creator Kit Core before import the solution. Link:

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Power Apps Launcher 1.0 App

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