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Microsoft OneNote Fall 2023 Update: Top 7 New Features Explained
Sep 12, 2023 1:06 PM

Microsoft OneNote Fall 2023 Update: Top 7 New Features Explained

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Explore the 7 exclusive new features in Microsoft OneNote, Fall 2023 edition!

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Microsoft OneNote Fall 2023 Update: Top 7 New Features

The 2023 Fall update for Microsoft OneNote includes seven new features. These updates predominantly cater to OneNote Desktop 365 and include several key improvements.

  • Quick Note Improvement: Changes making Quick Note more streamlined and better to use within OneNote 365.
  • Graphing in Math: A feature introduced in OneNote Desktop 365.
  • Default Notes Tab in Microsoft Teams: OneNote now includes a default 'Notes' tab, enhancing its integration with Microsoft Teams.
  • Scratch Out Gesture: Available in OneNote Desktop 365, this function allows easier removal of written texts.
  • Embed Stream on SharePoint (Stream 2.0): A new function which enables Stream embedding on SharePoint.
  • iPad Superscript/Subscript: Improved text formatting options for iPad users.
  • Modern Sync in OneNote Desktop 365: A better sync system for OneNote Desktop 365 users.

Several of these features haven't yet been rolled out globally but are currently being tested in the Microsoft 365 Insider program.

Learn about Microsoft OneNote Fall 2023 Update: Top 7 New Features Explained

The main topic discusses the top seven new features introduced in Microsoft OneNote's Fall 2023 update. Among these features, the text specifically mentions the improved Quick Note, Graphing in Math, default Notes tab in Microsoft Teams, and many other updates.

It's also mentioned that some of these features are still on the Microsoft 365 Insider program and haven't been globally launched. Users can sign up for the Insiders program at to access these features early.


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