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Improved Corporate Video Experience with Microsoft Stream
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Oct 19, 2022 8:25 PM

Improved Corporate Video Experience with Microsoft Stream

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Enhance your corporate video experience with the modern Microsoft Stream - for easy creation, editing, uploading, and sharing of enterprise videos within Micros

A Revamped Video Experience with the New Stream

The newly integrated Microsoft Stream within Microsoft 365 enhances the experience of creating, editing, and publishing videos, directly addressing the rising demand for hybrid work environments. Stream, Microsoft's digital video platform, empowers users to produce content within the enterprise environment seamlessly.

Video recordings of Microsoft Teams meetings, brief explainer clips, and professional studio content all thrive under the reinvigorated platform. Greater customization, superior security, and enriched analytics are among the benefits. Microsoft has seen immediate advantages from "early adopters" of this upgrade.

Despite being incorporated into Microsoft 365, Stream maintained its identity as a standalone solution, leveraging native SharePoint and OneDrive storage. The Shift came in response to growing customer interest for more features accessible on SharePoint, such as discovery, permission models and file analytics.

The new Stream aligns with these user expectations and eliminates the challenges of keeping up with Microsoft 365's evolving features. Transitioning to SharePoint storage met customer demands and decreased custom work in product development considerably.

The Microsoft Digital Employee Experience along with the Office Media group endeavored to boost adoption and gather feedback, actively facilitating organizations' transition to the enhanced platform. Admins tasted immediate success with Stream's integration with SharePoint; it became easier to manage videos, enable author authorization, and exercise guest permissions. All this attributes to Stream's embrace of SharePoint and the advanced features in Microsoft 365.

Stream also made it easier to deploy educational content. For instance, the Worldwide Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) Enablement, which is charged with ongoing education via presentations, events, and videos, have found value in the modern Stream experience on SharePoint.

Stream simplified workflows, offering a curated space where diverse content co-existed beautifully. Individuals could now easily locate, edit, and tag videos effectively wherever they were classified.

As a result of these improvements, videos find a regular place in CSAM learning environments. The Microsoft stream has unequivocally enriched the corporate video experience by facilitating faster video loads and wider searchability based on metadata, title, description, and transcripts.

The migration to the modern Stream organized videos better and providing administrators with deeper insights into viewing trends, including popular videos, viewing durations, peak hours, and unique viewers.

Microsoft 365's integration with Stream allows the potential to add a host of functions and tools. The anticipation for improved automation in managing metadata, archiving, and notifications marks a new phase. Also, Stream pioneers a mechanism for large-scale migration of video content from classic to modern interfaces.

The modern Stream will store videos in SharePoint within Microsoft 365, offering an out-of-the-box video platform that's intuitive to customers in terms of layout and usability. The real challenge lies in efficiently archiving hundreds of videos from the system.

  • During the shift from Classic to the modern Stream, prioritize the videos you need to maintain.
  • Use parent and child sites to share content to targeted audiences without creating duplicate efforts.
  • Video is an excellent means for onboarding new employees or providing just-in-time training. With Microsoft Search, Stream can maximize connections between related content.

Overall, the integration of Stream within Microsoft 365 presents a golden opportunity for organizations to optimize their video experiences.

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Stream - Improved Corporate Video Experience with Microsoft Stream

Learn about Microsoft Stream Enhances Corporate Video Experience at Microsoft

If you're interested in enhancing your corporate video experience, you might have heard about the revamped Microsoft Stream service. It's an internal video platform native to Microsoft 365, enabling users to easily create, share, and publish videos within an enterprise. There's plenty to learn about how this cutting-edge tool works.

The significance of video for hybrid work has grown exponentially over the years, according to experts quoted in the blog text, hence the improvements seen in the video experience. Microsoft Stream plays a crucial role in facilitating everything from Microsoft Teams meetings to short explainer videos and polished studio productions.

  • Microsoft Stream was initially implemented as a standalone solution within Microsoft 365. However, after acknowledging the platforms' potential synergy, Stream was integrated with SharePoint and OneDrive, as users were generally familiar and comfortable with these setups.
  • User and IT admin feedback illustrated a demand for a more aligned feature set. The goal was to replicate the SharePoint’s governance, administrative, and other capabilities, but without the maintenance burden. Instead, necessary features were offered without complex custom work.
  • To promote the new collaborative experience, Microsoft Digital Employee Experience and the Office Media group began sharing the word. They also focused diligently on gathering user feedback. The transition included enabling admins to be aware of the modern experience and assisting organizations to adopt the new experience effectively.

The new era of Stream simplified tasks previously difficult with the classic experience. Shared permissions, authoring, and managing videos are now much more accessible. Microsoft 365 features such as analytics, search capability, governance, and enhanced security are now available, given the integration.

Videos can now be part of a more diversified learning environment due to the benefits of SharePoint. Tools like the public-facing guide for using Microsoft Stream further empower teams to efficiently edit, upload, and tag videos.

  • The main advantage of integrating Stream with SharePoint is the elimination of redundant data. This helps Microsoft Digital Employee Experience to create policies for video storage duration, reducing costs.
  • Furthermore, it provides site administrators with deep analytics and insights into various trends such as video popularity, viewing times, and viewer counts.
  • The story continues to unfold as the modern Stream experience provides many additional functionalities. Teams across Microsoft can now easily move videos from Azure to SharePoint thanks to a new migration tool.

Overall, it's an exciting time for corporate video use as the Now Microsoft Stream experience continues to offer significant value. Even as Microsoft plans to move hundreds of archived videos, teams everywhere can start benefiting from the modern Stream experience inside Microsoft 365.

To effectively utilize Stream, it's suggested to assess the video inventory, especially if you have a large archive of Microsoft Teams recordings. Maintain organized SharePoint sites for most excellent usability, and use video as a powerful onboarding or just-in-time training tool made easy through Stream's compatibility with Microsoft Search.

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