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Microsoft Power Pages - Using Visual Studio Code for Extension
Sep 11, 2022 2:31 PM

Microsoft Power Pages - Using Visual Studio Code for Extension

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Learn how to elevate your Power Platform skills with Visual Studio Code. In this video, you'll see how to connect Visual Studio Code to Power Pages (Power Apps Portals) and make changes in bulk or in an easier fashion.

Microsoft Power Pages is a low-code, secure, enterprise-grade SaaS platform for building, hosting, and managing contemporary external-facing company websites. Power Pages helps you to quickly build, configure, and publish websites that function flawlessly across web browsers and devices, whether you're a low-code creator or a professional developer.

How to work with Visual Studio Code:

  1. Download Visual Studio Code :
  2. Add the Power Platform Tools Extension
  3. Connect and Authenticate: pac auth create -u Dataverse URL
  4. Retrieve list of available portals: pac paportal list
  5. Download content: pac paportal download --path PATH -id WebSiteId-GUID
  6. Upload changes: pac paportal upload --path Folder-location

More Information:

Have you started looking at Power Pages yet? Power Pages is the new platform that let’s you build websites using the low code Power Platform.