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Teams ceases Support for Wiki in Feb 2023
Jan 13, 2023 11:00 AM

Teams ceases Support for Wiki in Feb 2023

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In February 2023, Microsoft will discontinue the Teams wiki and offer a tool to move wiki material to OneNote.

Microsoft Teams Wiki will meet its end next month. This is good news for me and will please many. I could never understand why Microsoft had always provided this tab in Teams. Now it will be moved to One Note which makes total sense. I like the way Microsoft is sorting their toolset and not offering three tools for the same topic.

Goodbye Teams Wiki it was a short relationship

Teams Ceases Support for Wiki By Tony Readmon

The Teams Wiki channel tab in Microsoft Teams will no longer be configured automatically during the creation of new standard channels after mid-August 2022. Microsoft will also retire the Teams Wiki in February 2023 and provide an app to migrate Wiki content to OneNote for standard channels.

The decision to retire the Teams Wiki is likely due to its inadequacy compared to OneNote and the fact that it was added as a simple notetaking solution at the start of the Teams journey, when the development group was figuring out what Teams could deliver.

  • Why Wiki and Not OneNote?
  • Not Dead Yet
  • Finding the Wikis

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