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Microsoft Places: Comprehensive Guide & Features Overview
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Oct 19, 2022 8:03 PM

Microsoft Places: Comprehensive Guide & Features Overview

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Discover Microsoft Places: Your integrated solution for optimizing hybrid work and redefining the office experience.

A Summary of Microsoft Places: Guide and Features Overview

The concept of hybrid work anticipates the merging of the comfort of working from home and the benefits of an office environment. However, challenges continue to persist—this review unfolds these difficulties and Microsoft's strategy to overcome them.

A key issue raised by workforce includes the relevance of physical offices. Many employees struggle with deciding when and why to commute to the office amidst a digital work age, forcing organizations to rethink the value proposition of their office spaces.

Business leaders on the other hand lack substantial data to understand the evolving work habits of their teams, thus making policy and infrastructure decisions blindly. Hence, employees and leaders alike need insights on how to optimize their workspaces to serve their distinctive needs.

Introducing the new solution, Connected Workplace. This emerging technology category bridges the physical and digital divide. Connected Workplace stems from modern workplaces that utilize technology to enhance employee experience and productivity. According to Phil Kirschner, a Senior Expert at McKinsey & Company, organizations can get more value from their physical assets using technologies that balance employee inclusion and experience.

As the link between work and physical space evolves, the importance of making effective and purposeful space use becomes evident. By 2025, organizations will invest USD81 billion on workplace technology to optimize the USD4.4 trillion corporate real estate market. Consequently, new approaches are being developed to help individuals make daily decisions that optimize their work and offer data-driven insights for organizations.

The emerging focus on space utility is being supplemented by the new platform — Microsoft Places. This connected workplace platform coordinates where work happens, modernizes the office with intelligent technology, and optimizes the workplace for changing needs. Microsoft Places aims to ease hybrid scheduling, offers intelligent booking, and provides recommendations for shortest commute times.—thus enabling employees to maximize their in-person interactions.

Moreover, the integration ofintelligence technology in Microsoft Places enhances the experience of finding and booking desks or conference rooms, thus making the office more responsive to everyone's needs. Microsoft Places also offers space insights like utilization data, occupancy trends and energy-saving opportunities—enabling leaders to make dynamic adjustments, improve workplace experience and create flexible, sustainable spaces that support new ways of working.

Microsoft Places integrates with everyday Microsoft 365 solutions like Outlook, Teams, and Viva, combining people and place signals. Data collection adheres to stringent privacy standards, allowing users to opt-in or out. For more about Microsoft Places, here are additional resources. Expected to launch in 2023, Microsoft Places hopes to address the evolving workplace needs with offerings that prioritize time and maximize in-person interaction.

This connected workplace initiative of Microsoft is a joint partnership with various industry leaders within the Connected Workplace market segment. Microsoft Places will enable employees to transform spaces into places through better and more inclusive experiences to provide insights that guide space optimization. We thus look forward to living spaces that adapt to our changing needs and preferences, actualizing the promise of hybrid work.

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Microsoft 365 Admin Center - Microsoft Places: Comprehensive Guide & Features Overview

Learn about Explore Microsoft Places: Comprehensive Guide and Features Overview

Microsoft's innovative suite Games, recently introduced Microsoft Places, is a platform that aims to reimagine the concept of hybrid and in-person work. Microsoft Places creates a seamless blend of physical and digital environments which makes it one of the most significant advancements in the context of hybrid workplaces.

The fundamental intent of a workplace is to facilitate interaction, collaboration, and shared innovation among employees. With evolving work dynamics, it is incumbent upon leaders to make infrastructural choices that accustom with this particular need. Microsoft Places, as a solution for connected workplaces, addresses this need effectively. By optimizing workspaces, it bridges the gap between physical and digital workplaces and allows flexibility for employees.

The future of workplaces calls for a reimagined approach where technology plays a pivotal role. According to Phil Kirschner, a senior expert at McKinsey & Company, by 2025, organizations are projected to spend approximately USD81 billion on technology solutions designed to optimize workplaces and are expected to make considerable investments in areas of workplace experience, infrastructure of buildings, space utilization, and strategic planning related to real estate portfolios.

Microsoft Places offers solutions that coordinate where works happen, modernizes the office with technologically superior innovations, and optimize the workplace for changing needs. It promises to revolutionize every aspect of work – from the way we schedule our work to how we interact and collaborate, from the ambience in which work happens to the manner in which we utilize our spaces and resources.

Microsoft Places leverages commonly used apps such as Outlook and Teams to optimize time management. Through these integrations, users can view their schedules, discover and book available spaces, anticipate traffic conditions for shortest commute times, and maximize in-person connections, thus uplifting user experience like never before.

Microsoft Places harnesses technology to enhance aspects of the in-office experience. Features such as 'Wayfinding' help you find the right conference room without losing any time. 'Desk booking' allows you to find where your peers are seated and choose your desk spaces accordingly.

Microsoft Places also houses the essential tool to better manage space and costs. With its contemporary features, decision-making becomes insightful and data-driven, incorporating aspects such as utilization data, energy-saving opportunities, and occupancy trends.

This platform's primary benefit emanates from its productive integration with Microsoft 365 solutions. The availability of this platform in 2023 is a major milestone as it aims to tackle the future challenges of when, where, and how people work. With its commitment to robust privacy standards, Microsoft Places offers the option to the users to know the kind of data being collected and to choose whether they would like to remain a part of the data collection process.

Microsoft has made concerted efforts to solve workplace issues and has formed successful alliances with industry leaders across all segments of the connected workplace market. These partnerships aim to build on top of the Places platform and enhance the data-rich Microsoft Graph.

A crucial part of this venture is the transformation of workplaces into dynamic places suitable for work. To bring about this transformation, organizations need to first curate better and more inclusive employee experiences, and then utilize the data collected from these experiences to guide further space optimization.

Microsoft Places, in collaboration with its ecosystem partners, delivers solutions that address the evolving workplace needs of customers, thus contributing to making the promise of hybrid work a reality.

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