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Find & Delete Duplicate Files on Any Windows PC for Free! 2023
Windows 365
Aug 28, 2023 9:30 AM

Find & Delete Duplicate Files on Any Windows PC for Free! 2023

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Unlock more storage on your Windows PC by efficiently finding and removing duplicate files! Dive into our step-by-step guide

Find & Delete Duplicate Files on Any Windows PC for Free! 2023 enables you to open up additional storage on your Windows PC by proficiently finding and eradicating duplicate files. A step-wise guide is provided that covers the usage of the free and portable tool 'Search My Files.' Despite having a dated look, it comes with a simple interface and strong search parameters that make decluttering your system an easy task.

Whether your objective is to improve the organization, increase your system speed, or just to free up some much-needed space, you will find this guide very useful.

The downloadable link for 'Search My Files' is given: 
The guide contains timestamps for easy access to different points in the guide: 00:00 - Start, 01:19 - Download the App, 03:28 - Running the App, 09:34 - Start Search, and 10:27 - Understanding the Scan Results.


More about 'Search My Files'

'Search My Files' is a vital tool for Windows PC users. It assists in the efficient finding and deleting of duplicate files, hence freeing up storage space. Despite its simplistic and dated interface, the software is highly functional and ideal for users aiming for better organization and faster system performance. This software proves beneficial for both casual and professional users. The step-by-step guide comes handy to understand its operation and features more effectively.

Learn about Find & Delete Duplicate Files on Any Windows PC for Free! 2023

This guide will help you find and delete duplicate files on any Windows PC for free by using the free and portable tool 'Search My Files'. This tool has robust search parameters and an easy-to-understand interface, making it simple to declutter your system. Whether you are looking to enhance organization, speed up your system, or free up storage space, this video will help you do so. First, you will need to download 'Search My Files' from the link provided. Then, you can run the app and start a search. You can use the scan results to understand the duplicates you have and delete them accordingly.


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